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Combine your mobile lifestyles.

With the BMW Connected App your smartphone and your vehicle become one. Like a personal assistant, BMW Connected gets to know you better, bringing you even more driving pleasure for the future.

BMW Connected is a personal mobility assistant that eases everyday mobility and helps you reach your destination relaxed and on time. Mobility-relevant information such as the ideal departure time is available remotely via an iPhone or Apple Watch and can be seamlessly transferred into the car.

BMW Connected+

BMW Connected+.

Enjoy a more seamless experience between all BMW Connected touchpoints and benefit from personalised services powered by BMW’s Open Mobility Cloud with BMW Connected+, an extension of BMW Connected.

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Digital Key

Digital Key.

The Digital Key allows you to lock and unlock your BMW and even start the engine without needing a physical key. It can be downloaded to your Android smartphone* using the BMW Connected app and share with family and friends.

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Send to car

Send to car.

Search for new destinations within the BMW Connected app and send them directly to the BMW navigation system. As soon as you are in the car and connected to your smartphone via Bluetooth, you can start the route guidance with one click.

Share live trip status

Share Live Trip Status.

Using the BMW Connected+ feature "Share Live Trip Status", you can let others know about your exact position, your destination and your arrival time. The information from your journey can be tracked live by the recipients.

Time to Leave Notification

Time to Leave Notification.

Based on current vehicle location and real-time traffic data, BMW Connected will inform users of recommended departure times via iPhone or Apple Watch to ensure they arrive at their next scheduled destination on time.

Remote 3D View

Remote 3D View.

Keep an eye on your BMW's surroundings at any time. With Remote 3D View you can see your vehicle environment from any perspective, lock doors or trigger the horn via the BMW Connected app.

Remote Services

Remote Services.

Remote Services allows you to access your vehicle from a distance using the BMW Connected app. Flash your headlights, activate the climate control function inside your car or lock your BMW from anywhere using your smartphone.

Your favourite locations

Your favourite locations.

Using the function "Manage your favourite locations" you have your personal points of interest with you at all times, regardless of whether you are in the vehicle, in the BMW Connected app or in the ConnectedDrive Portal.

BMW Connected can be downloaded directly from the App Store and from Google Play.

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The choice is yours.


You always have full access to BMW Connected via your smartphone and can link up with your BMW whenever you want. Whether with iPhone® or Android smartphone – you’re perfectly connected and always mobile.


With BMW Connected+, you can operate all the useful functions of the app directly via the Control Display in your car. For example, you can share you arrival time and current position with others live. Making your journey even more comfortable and relaxed.


The future of mobility: For especially easy access, you can also operate BMW Connected using Apple Watch® or Android smartwatch. Access useful features from your wrist and remain connected with your BMW at all times.

Amazon Echo.

You can also interact with BMW Connected via your Amazon Echo – access your mobility agenda or manage your vehicle functions from home.

*Available on a selection of BMW models. Only available on selected mobile phone handsets.