The BMW X5 The BMW X5


Tailored to your needs.

Pleasure is not solely defined by how fast a car accelerates or how it handles. It’s also a question of comfort. That’s why the BMW X5 has been flawlessly designed for ultimate relaxation. Sit back and enjoy the ride with your perfect soundtrack and the very best entertainment.

BMW X5 Boot Opening
BMW X5 Bottle Holder
BMW X5 Trailer Tow Bar


Thanks to practical features and ample storage, transporting heavy and bulky objects with the BMW X5 is no problem at all.

Extraordinarily versatile, the BMW X5 is designed to flex to your every need. The dual section boot has an upper boot that swings up high to let you load lighter objects easily, while the lower boot opens to create a platform that’s flush with the luggage space floor, so you can rest items on it while you’re loading.

The tow bar can take a load of between 2.7 and 3.5 tonnes (depending on the engine size), while trailer stability control system recognises when the trailer is swaying dangerously, activating the brakes to restore stability quickly.

Versatility is immediately apparent in the spacious interior too. The rear seats can be folded down with 40:20:40 split, maximising the space available for passengers and luggage alike. Small objects can be stored in the optional storage package, which includes a storage net in the luggage compartment and a useful storage box under the luggage compartment floor.

BMW X5 Comfort Seats
BMW X5 Comfort Seats
BMW X5 Comfort Seats


The driver and front seat passenger in the BMW X5 enjoy not only an elevated seating position but also optional Comfort Seats. The upper backrest and its width, thigh support and headrest height are all electronically adjustable, so it’s easy to find your perfect position.
The rear seats can be folded down in 40:20:40 split to work around the number of passengers and luggage you have on board. The luggage space can be extended up to a generous 1,870 litres.

The Comfort Seats in the back feature sumptuous upholstery and offer a range of individual adjustments. The backrest tilt angle of the two outer seats can be set to several different positions and they can be shifted by 80 millimetres forwards and backwards in a 60:40 split, giving you more leg room or luggage space as needed.
You can add even more passenger space with an extra row of seats in the rear.