The BMW X4 The BMW X4


Grabs your attention. Unleashes power.

One nudge of the accelerator pedal and the BMW X4 enters a world of its own. The intelligent four-wheel drive system, BMW xDrive, transfers power to the street with outstanding traction, while the eight-speed Steptronic sport transmission uses the potential of the engines to the full: the BMW X4 xDrive35d completes the 0 to 62mph sprint in just 5.2 seconds.  

BMW X4 Wheel

Variable Sport Steering.

The Variable Sport Steering with Servotronic brings an effortless agility to steering. It reacts to the angle of the steering wheel with various steering ratios to reduce the steering movement required. This increases the car’s agility and improves handling in sharp turns and along narrow roads.

It also makes low speed manoeuvring easier, while at motorway speeds the system provides excellent directional stability and a very high degree of steering precision.

Dynamic Damper Control.

The Dynamic Damper Control makes it possible to adjust the damper characteristics to suit any given driving situation, improving comfort and driving dynamics.

Eight-Speed Steptronic Transmission.

The eight-speed Steptronic sport transmission adapts to suit your driving styles, whether you’re comfortably cruising or driving more dynamically. Prefer the hands-on approach? Use the shortened gear selector lever or gearshift paddles on the steering wheel to change ratios.


xDrive is BMW’s intelligent four-wheel drive system and it adapts perfectly to the most challenging road surface conditions, for the best traction and driving experience at all times.


The chassis is specially tuned to suit the BMW X4, giving you exceptional road-holding and top-class agility while guaranteeing comfort. The wide track of the BMW X4 and its five-arm rear axle also enable high-speed cornering with minimum roll.

Drive Performance Control.

The electronically controlled dampers in the Adaptive M Sport Suspension adapt to suit your driving style and road conditions. The Drive Performance Control lets you change the settings on the move; Sport or Sport Plus mode give a noticeably firmer ride.


The less air resistance your car has, the less fuel needed to drive it forward. And with the entire vehicle design being testament to the BMW EfficientDynamics philosophy, the BMW X4 is exceptionally aerodynamic.

Intelligent Lightweight Construction.

The BMW X4 is built using a wide range of high-tech materials including lightweight aluminium in the front of the car and the chassis, high-strength steel in the body as well as ultra-modern plastics and magnesium.


Everything in ECO PRO mode is geared towards greater efficiency, reducing fuel consumption by up to 20%. This mode optimises accelerator and transmission response as well as shift points, and intelligently adapts the heating/air conditioning. You’ll also receive ECO PRO tips that relate to your current driving situation for even greater driving efficiency.

Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go.

Active Cruise Control maintains a speed determined by the driver, as well as the distance to the car ahead. In slow-moving traffic or traffic jams, the vehicle takes over accelerating and braking, and the selected distance to the car ahead is maintained. If a vehicle ahead brakes heavily, the BMW responds immediately when the Approach Warning is activated.

Auto Start-Stop.

Auto Start-Stop ensures you only use fuel when the car is moving. Waiting at traffic lights or in stop-and-go traffic, Auto Start-Stop saves fuel by switching off the engine as soon as the car comes to a stop (Steptonic transmissions) or when the car is placed in ‘neutral’ (manual transmissions). You can easily switch this feature on and off with a click of a button.

Brake Energy Regeneration.

The BMW X4 Brake Energy Regeneration technology harnesses the kinetic energy produced by slowing or braking and turns it into electricity. Used to charge the car’s battery, the intelligent energy management system means that the alternator no longer needs to run permanently, consequently reducing strain on the generator.