BMW i3 - AutoTrader Electric Car of the Year 2017 BMW i3 - AutoTrader Electric Car of the Year 2017


Auto Express New Car Awards 2017.


BMW is proud to win the Auto Express Electric Car of the Year Award 2017. The newest iteration of the class-leading BMW i3 is the best yet. Particular standout features include: the extended driving range from the fully electric engine, development in engine capacity to 170hp and the optional Range Extender mean the BMW i3 takes drivers further than ever. With more public charge points and the BMW i Wallbox Pure for home charging, it is easy to see why the BMW i3 claimed top spot this year.

BMW i3
BMW i3


The distance an Electric Vehicle can travel before recharging is exceptionally important. This is why BMW constantly push the BMW i3 further. The new 94Ah battery is denser and can power the engine for 120 miles under usual city driving. That distance can be even further if the Range Extender option is added. A small two-cylinder engine can be mounted to the back of the BMW i3 to charge the lithium-ion battery while still on the move, stretching the distance between charges to 200 miles.


Part of the appeal of the BMW i3 is the ease of charge and access to charging points. The BMW i3 has been designed intuitively so that charging feels the same as filling up the fuel on a traditional car. The BMW i3 can plug into a standard power socket and charge straight from the wall. 

With BMW's i Navigation and i ConnectedDrive the BMW i3 shows where the closest public charging point is so drivers can take advantage of the rapid charge speed, going from 0-80% battery in roughly 40 minutes.

BMW i3 and a family


On the journey to creating a truly 'green' vehicle, BMW has not neglected the importance of sustainable production; from the plant in Leipzig where wind turbines have been installed, to the use of fabrics such as Kenaf on 30% of the interior that reduce the need for petroleum-based plastics. Additionally, one of the most intriguing aspects of the design is that 95% of materials used on the BMW i3 are recyclable. With statements like this from Auto Express: "The i3 remains as appealing as ever... smart, clever and sophisticated" the BMW i3 a leader in its class.

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