BMW i8 - International Engine of the Year 2017 BMW i8 - International Engine of the Year 2017


International Engine of the Year Awards 2017.


BMW are excited to top the class in winning the ‘International Engine of the Year’ Award, in the 1.4-litre to 1.8-litre displacement category, for the third time in a row. The BMW i8’s innovative drive system has been an unstoppable force in the category since its release. The awards, launched in 1999, are an industry benchmark decided by an international panel of 58 journalists.

BMW i8 Engine


One of the keys to BMW’s success over the past three years is the plug-in hybrid engine and the EfficientDynamics package developed in-house at BMW. Engineers have created a drive system that combines the performance and feel of a sports car with the fuel economy of a much smaller model. An innovative three-cylinder combustion engine develops 170kw/231hp which is sent to drive the back wheels. The 96kw/131hp lithium-ion battery-powered electric engine then sends power to the front axle.

BMW i8 Front


BMW’s bespoke approach to the BMW i8’s plug-in hybrid engine and drive system has gone from strength to strength over the past three years. In a previous run on the EU test cycle, the BMW i8 reached a top speed of 75mph and, running on the electric engine alone, confirmed a range of 23 miles. The split engine system that sends power to both the front and back wheels means the BMW i8 can handle event the tightest of corners with the BMW "glued to the road" driving feel. The all-wheel-drive also provides class-leading acceleration, the BMW i8 sprints from 0 - 62mph in 4.4 seconds.

BMW i8 Rear


Lowering fuel consumption and CO2 emissions is always the most important target when designing a hybrid engine. The BMW i8 has a fuel consumption rate of 134.5mpg* and only emits 42 kilograms of CO2 per kilometre. Numbers like this confirm the importance and future potential of the BMW EfficientDynamics package that not only reduces fuel consumption and emissions, but also perfectly combines the hybrid engine’s power with that ‘glued-to-the-road’ feeling of the all-wheel driving system in place on the BMW i8.


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*Official fuel economy figures for the BMW i8 (weighted combined cycle): mpg 134.5 (2.1 l/100 km), CO2 emissions 49 g/km, total average energy consumption per 62 miles/100 km 11.9 kWh. Figures are obtained in a standardised test cycle using a combination of battery power and petrol fuel after the battery had been fully charged. They are intended for comparisons between vehicles and may not be representative of what a user achieves under usual driving conditions. The BMW i8 is a plug-in hybrid electric vehicle that requires mains electricity for charging.

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