BMW 7 Series Saloon Carbon Core Badge BMW 7 Series Saloon Carbon Core Badge


Powerful yet understated.

The new BMW 7 Series is a truly revolutionary vehicle. It exudes effortless power with the latest generation of BMW TwinPower Turbo engines, harnessed by an eight-speed Steptronic gearbox. Perfectly balanced and setting new standards in performance efficiency, the new BMW 7 Series is a vision of luxury with the sports-like agility of a BMW.

Driving Experience of the BMW 7 Series Saloon.

Carbon fibre core.

Carbon fibre technology is the latest evolution in lightweight efficiency. Half the weight of steel and lighter than aluminium, yet it’s blessed with the same stability and tensile strength. Together, with almost perfect 50:50 weight distribution, the carbon core delivers smoother handling and unparalleled agility.

8-speed Steptronic transmission

8-speed Steptronic transmission.

Combining outstanding driving dynamics with spectacular fuel-efficiency, the eight-speed Steptronic transmission guarantees optimal performance on every drive. Linked to the navigation system, it allows the predictive drivetrain to switch seamlessly between SPORT and COMFORT modes, depending on your route.

BMW 7 Series Saloon Carbon Core Chassis

Carbon Core. A concept with many advantages.

Carbon fibre combines stability, rigidity and low weight, but its complex processing calls for a supreme level of expertise. The new BMW 7 Series is the only vehicle in which this innovative composite solution is used.

Innovation that loses weight.

Carbon is 50% lighter than steel and some 30% lighter than aluminium. The Carbon Core therefore significantly reduces the weight of the new BMW 7 Series. The result is that new benchmarks are defined for fuel consumption and CO2 reduction.

Higher rigidity. Better performance.

The Carbon Core increases the body stiffness while, at the same time, lowering the vehicle’s centre of gravity. This leads to greater smoothness, even better handling and convincing driving dynamics – the driving pleasure in the new BMW 7 Series reaches a new dimension.

BMW 7 Series Saloon Front Grille


In the new BMW 7 Series, air resistance won’t hold you back. Engineered for outstanding performance, the Chrome air vents of the kidney grilles actively regulate the air stream, whilst the two-axle air suspension automatically lowers the vehicle by 10mm at higher speeds, further reducing air resistance. 

BMW xDrive

BMW xDrive.

BMW xDrive is an intelligent, continuously enabled four-wheel drive system like no other. Capable of switching up to 100% of the power between the front and rear axles in just a tenth of a second, xDrive and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC) deliver optimum grip and perfect stability, for confidence on any road surface.

BMW xDrive combines all the advantages of an all-wheel drive system – traction, directional stability and driving safety – with classic BMW agility, for more driving pleasure.

BMW 7 Series Saloon Front

Intelligent Energy Management.

The new BMW 7 Series employs groundbreaking technologies that work together to ensure sustainable mobility and maximum efficiency. Standard features of the intelligent energy management system include BMW EfficientDynamics, Automatic Start/Stop, Brake Energy Regeneration and electric power steering.

BMW 7 Series Car Magazine Review.

The new BMW 7 Series was recently crowned World Luxury Car of the Year 2016. It offers a completely new driving experience, pushing the boundaries of technology, luxury and performance at every turn. Of course, we are bound to say that, so you may want to hear another opinion too.

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