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Intelligent Driving.

Driver Assistance Systems from BMW ConnectedDrive manoeuvre your BMW through traffic jams, keeping at a safe distance when necessary, and react with lightning speed in hazardous situations.

Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go.

The camera-based Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function, including radar-based approach control warning with Brake Activation, provides the driver with support at all times. Radar sensors permanently scan the carriageway, adapting the speed and maintaining the distance from the vehicle ahead. 

The Stop&Go function even controls speed down to a standstill, moving off again when the accelerator pedal is pressed. With approach control warning, if the vehicle ahead brakes sharply, the driver is warned with an optical and then an acoustic signal. If the driver does not respond by braking, the BMW will react and brake for them.


The Steering and lane control assistant incl. Traffic jam assistant can be activated to support the driver in monotonous traffic situations. At speeds of up to 130mph on all road surfaces, the system conveniently supports steering and keeps the vehicle in the centre of its lane.

Cutting-edge steering support is possible with or without Active cruise control. It uses multiple area-surveillance radar systems and a stereo camera. The system positions itself using the edge-of-lane markers and the vehicle in front, if applicable. It automatically maintains the desired distance from the vehicle ahead and regulates the car's speed down to standstill if needed, as well as providing active steering support. The Steering and lane control assistant represents another milestone on the path to achieving highly automated driving.

Although the system is capable of driving the vehicle independently, the driver is legally required to continue driving with both hands on the wheel. If the driver does not comply with this requirement, the system sensors in the steering wheel rim will recognise this fact and warn the driver acoustically after a certain period of time. Then it will enter stand-by mode. This is also the case if the indicator is activated for changing lanes or if the system requirements are no longer met, e.g. the lane is too narrow.

Lane keeping assistant.

When not using automatic driving mode, the driver is supported by the Lane keeping assistant with active side collision protection, which actively intervenes in steering to avoid leaving the lane unintentionally, or colliding with objects to the side of the vehicle. If Approach control warning is activated and a vehicle in front brakes, the car reacts immediately with warnings of increasing intensity, light braking and finally full braking.

Lane Departure Warning.

At speeds above 43mph, BMW Lane Departure Warning technology detects lane markings ahead, up to a distance of 50m. If the indicators haven't been activated, it alerts the driver to a potentially unintentional lane change via a gentle vibration of the steering wheel. This happens as soon as the car goes over the lane markings, giving the driver plenty of time to react. If the indicators have been activated, no warning occurs.


At speeds of 12mph or more, the radar-based Lane Change Warning detects vehicles in the blind spot as well as vehicles in the neighbouring lane, alerting the driver by a triangular warning symbol on the exterior mirrors. If, in spite of this, the driver motions to change lanes by activating the indicator, he or she is alerted to the danger of the situation by a vibration in the steering wheel and a flashing triangular warning symbol on the exterior mirrors.

Driving Assistant.

Drive Assist combines the camera-based systems Lane Departure Warning and Collision Warning. The Approach and Pedestrian Warning with City Brake Activation warns of collisions with vehicles or pedestrians at speeds of 6 to 37mph and brakes in an emergency.
The Lane Departure Warning detects lane markings and alerts the driver to unintentional lane changes at speeds above approximately 43mph with vibrations in the steering wheel. But if the lane change is deliberate, with the turn indicator having been activated, the warning will not be activated.

Driving Assistant Plus


Active Protection.

In a critical situation, Active Protection initiates protective measures, such as tightening the seat belts, placing the seats upright and closing the windows and sunroof. In the unlikely event of an accident, automatic braking can bring the vehicle to a standstill, preventing or reducing the likelihood of follow-on collisions. In addition, to prevent hazards arising in the first place, the Attentiveness assistant recommends breaks whenever there are any symptoms of fatigue.
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