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Driver Assistance.

An impressive range of advanced driver assistance systems are available across the BMW model range and provide support in all driving situations.

Intelligent headlights, sensors, cameras and radar systems can combine to ensure that you are fully informed about what is happening around you and aware of potential hazards ahead.

Intelligent Parking.

For support in tight manoeuvres, front and rear Park Distance Control (PDC) systems use ultrasonic sensors to monitor the area around your BMW and alert you to potential obstacles or hazards. Whilst a Reversing Assist Camera and Surround-view display a real time view so you can see exactly what is happening around you. For the ultimate support, your BMW will even search for an available space and automatically park itself with BMW Park Assist.

BMW Technology Hub

Explore the innovative technologies available across the BMW model range.

Intelligent Driving.

A number of active and passive safety systems are available to provide support when you need it most. Active Cruise Control with Stop & Go not only maintains a set speed but uses a camera and radar system to automatically maintain a safe distance from the vehicle ahead. Lane departure warning warns you if you unintentionally deviate from your lane of travel and Lane change warning alerts you if a vehicle is approaching in your blind spot for added confidence when changing lanes.

Intelligent Vision.

See as clear as day even when driving at night. BMW Adaptive Headlights and High-beam Assistant combine to independently control the headlight beam direction and distance to optimise illumination without glaring other road users. Night Vision with Dynamic Light Spot uses an infrared camera to detect and clearly illuminate potential hazards, whilst BMW Head-up Display ensures you keep your eyes on the road by projecting key driving information directly into your line of sight.


Visit the Technology Hub to explore the ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance systems that are available across the BMW model range.
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