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Online Entertainment.

There are moments in life that only really become something special with the right song. Online Entertainment offers millions of tracks and 250 genres for every single one of these moments. Whether it’s a beach party, coastal tour or the route to work – with BMW ConnectedDrive you have the track to match every situation, every road and every mood.

Your music starts here.

Online Entertainment brings music into your BMW – without having to use any other devices such as your smartphone. There are no limits. You simply open an account for unlimited music access with the BMW music partners (Napster or Deezer) and then you can listen to all your favourite songs while in your vehicle or download them onto the built-in hard disc.


Your BMW is not the only place for music: your account also gives you access to music on your smartphone and any other device supported by the specific provider. So you can listen to it anywhere. And all of this without any additional costs accross six European countries: France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom.

myKidio App.

The myKidio App offers a unique in-car entertainment solution for families with children, based on the user's personal devices instead of permanently installed equipment such as tablets and smartphones.
With the app installed on the user's devices, choose from a selection of child-appropriate content: quality films, audio books, documentaries or exciting television shows. Via the vehicle's iDrive Controller and Control Display, the parents have control over their children's media consumption at all times. They can monitor the media being played in the Control Display, select new content and interrupt the playing. The Kids' Cockpit shows the current speed, estimated arrival time and similar information, making the time fly for children.
The programme is drawn from an extensive database and is presented to the children in the rear seats on iPads, which are attached to the the headrests of the seats ahead with the Travel & Comfort System from Original BMW Accessories. When the myKidio channel is turned on, new content is constantly loading in the background, so that there is always enough entertainment during the drive.
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