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With Microsoft Office 365 you can keep track of emails, appointments and contacts while on the road in your BMW. The system synchronises your data automatically and offers you seamless communication and the best possible connectivity. With Skype for Business there’s even more possibilities to use the vehicle as a mobile office and to spend the journey time productively.

Work more effectively.

The integration of Microsoft Office 365 in BMW ConnectedDrive allows emails, contacts and calendar entries to be constantly synchronised with other end devices and easily and conveniently worked on inside the vehicle, without the need for any additional devices. Information can be used immediately – for example, phone numbers from emails can be immediately dialled on a connected telephone, and addresses can be sent to the navigation system.
It doesn't matter whether emails are written and appointments are made in the office or at a meeting, or if emails are read aloud while driving in the car and message dictation is used to respond – all end devices used will be constantly up to date, and every login is secure. Drive safely, work efficiently.
A valid Microsoft Office 365 subscription is required. To use the full functionality of Skype integration customers need the subservice “Skype for Business”.
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