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BMW Connected and BMW Connected+ App.

With the BMW Connected App your smartphone and your vehicle become one. Like a personal assistant, BMW Connected gets to know you better, bringing you even more driving pleasure for the future.

BMW Connected.

The BMW Connected App is a personal mobility assistant that eases everyday mobility and helps you reach your destination relaxed and on time. Mobility-relevant information such as the ideal departure time is available remotely via an iPhone® or Apple Watch® and can be seamlessly transferred into the car.
BMW Connected app on the App Store

BMW Connected app on the App Store


BMW Connected+, an extension of BMW Connected, integrates the app even deeper into your daily journey with your BMW. Enjoy a more seamless experience between all BMW Connected touchpoints and your BMW and benefit from personalised services powered by BMW’s Open Mobility Cloud.


Whether out and about in your car, in one of those in-between moments via smartphone or at home via Amazon Alexa: BMW Connected offers the ideal interface to your BMW for every situation – so you always arrive at your destination relaxed and on time.



Amazon Echo



Destinations that have been found on smartphone apps such as Yelp, Apple Maps or Google Maps can be easily and conveniently transferred into BMW Connected and then transferred into the vehicle. Meetings, including intended arrival times, saved in the user’s smartphone calendar are automatically imported into BMW Connected if they contain a full address. A recommended departure time, based on current traffic conditions is calculated. With BMW Connected+ you can add intermediate stops to the route, for example to refuel. It takes only one tap to conveniently send a selected destination into the vehicle’s integrated navigation system.


Using the BMW Connected+ feature “Share Live Trip Status”, you can let others have details of your journey, live and in real time. To do this, send a link to a selected contact, who will then be able to access a map view with your current position, destination and estimated time of arrival. If the arrival time should change dramatically, BMW Connected+ will send a message automatically.


Get to your appointments relaxed and on time – with the BMW Connected Door-to-door navigation. Before the journey, users receive a Time-to-leave notification including the time on foot and a direct link to the pedestrian navigation. On arrival at the driving destination, a message appears in the BMW Connected onboard screen, indicating that the journey now continues on foot with the aid of a smartphone. At the same time, users receive a push message by smartphone forwarding them directly to the pedestrian navigation. Users then receive instructions from their iPhone®, Apple Watch®, Android Smartphone or Samsung Gear S2/3 to be guided from their parked car to the final address on foot. And if they’re not quite sure exactly where their car is, BMW Connected+ guides them conveniently and directly back to where it’s parked.


BMW Connected learns from your driving patterns and is able to add frequent destinations like home or work to your personal mobility agenda. Saving destinations manually is no longer necessary. Frequent and recent destinations can be seamlessly imported into the car’s integrated navigation system with a single tap. When you are searching for a destination in your vehicle, BMW Connected+ allows you to access all your personal addresses. For maximum convenience, the app also shows the last destination from the navigation list – so navigating traffic in your BMW is even easier.


Looking for your car in a crowded car park? With the Remote Services of BMW Connected, you can save yourself the inconvenience of a long search. Also, various vehicle-related functions, such as locking and unlocking the car, can be operated remotely. The vehicle’s location can also be indicated by flashing the lights, or displayed on a map in BMW Connected.

If you don’t feel like scraping ice off the windows in winter and would like to get into a warm car, you can set the cabin temperature of your BMW in advance. Via the menu option “Activate now” you can start the intelligent air conditioning*. Depending on the outside and inside temperature your vehicle will turn on either the auxiliary heating** or the auxiliary ventilation***.

* Available only for BMW i and BMW iPerformance models
** This requires the optional equipment item auxiliary heating
*** Depending on the series and model, some vehicles require additional optional equipment for automatic air conditioning in order to operate the “Climate-auxiliary ventilation” function

N.B. Remote Services is not included as standard in every vehicle but can be added as an optional extra. Please speak to your local BMW Centre for more information.


With Remote 3D View*, the user can conveniently view the parked vehicle's surroundings from a distance on a smartphone, such as during a storm. The function can be activated via BMW Connected (for iOS), and displays images as a 3D representation, allowing the user to see various perspectives. These images can also be saved to the user's smartphone for later viewing. The Remote 3D View function can be activated up to three times within a two-hour period.
* Remote 3D View is not available on every vehicle. Please speak to your local BMW Centre for more information.


Experience the future of charging with the BMW Digital Charging Service.

Together with a BMW i Wallbox Connect, the BMW Digital Charging Service will make the charging process more intelligent and convenient than ever before. Your BMW i or BMW iPerformance model becomes a seamless part of your personal home charging location.
BMW Connected app on the App Store

BMW Connected app on the App Store
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