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At BMW we are serious about sustainability, from making current technologies more efficient, to introducing new ways of building, owning and driving vehicles. We believe that tackling rising CO2 levels and their impact on the environment can be done at the same time as taking pleasure from every drive – BMW iPerformance is the proof of concept.

The case for BMW iPerformance.

The evidence is irrefutable – the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere are increasing, resulting in a warming world, with changes to the climate that are only just beginning. It’s time for a new approach to motoring that comprehensively reduces the CO2 emissions associated with driving.
As a result, at BMW we’ve been exploring multiple ideas around reduced emissions and mobility for many years, some based around car technologies, others around changes to urban car use itself. Governments too have been looking to change behaviour and attitudes to motoring; there are clear tax incentives to owning a low emissions vehicle and the lower cost per mile of electric power vs. a traditional combustion engine can be substantial.
The BMW i3 brings emission-free electric motoring into the 21st century, and we are evaluating a range of other technology and platforms. At the forefront is BMW iPerformance, our range of plug-in hybrid models.

The case for plug-in hybrid technology.

BMW iPerformance covers a range of BMW models, but they all share the same approach: using a battery-powered motor to assist a combustion engine, and in some scenarios completely power the vehicle.
Using two power sources has advantages: lower running costs and a reduced CO2 output, but the power for a rewarding drive with no range anxiety. And like all BMW models, BMW iPerformance models feature a dynamic rewarding drive, technology that empowers and entertains, with a build and materials that exude quality.
BMW iPerformance is the future of dynamic motoring, available now.
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