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Every new BMW pushes at the frontiers of technology and innovation. The new BMW 5 Series combines state-of-the-art driving assistance systems, an unmatched degree of connectivity and convenience, and extensive use of the most modern aluminium alloys to create an experience that re-defines the capabilities of this class of vehicle.


Aluminium and aluminium alloys are used extensively in the new BMW 5 Series chassis, making it lighter and stiffer than its predecessor. Combined with near perfect weight distribution, it creates a responsive dynamic drive, making the new BMW 5 Series a class leader.


The Remote Control Parking function brings more convenience to parking. Get out of the new BMW 5 Series and move it forward into a tight space simply by touching a button the BMW Display Key. A remote control and touchscreen display in one, another touch on the BMW Remote Key will reverse the BMW 5 Series out when it's time to leave.


Stop start traffic? Let the new BMW 5 Series take over. A range of sensors, including a stereo camera, ultra-sound and radar monitor the area around the vehicle, allowing the extended functions of the Active Cruise Control and the Steering and lane control assistant to drive the vehicle. Together they will keep a safe distance between you and other road users.

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