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Owning a BMW Convertible brings a host of motoring pleasures, but their lack of roof raises one or two questions with most prospective buyers...

How does the roof work? How many seats does it have? Why isn't it as fast as the coupé version? These are the sort of questions most prospective owners ask, so we've grouped the answers into five sections below.

General questions.

Which BMW models are convertibles?

Where are BMW Convertibles made?

Are convertibles cold in the winter?

Who makes AWD/4x4 convertibles?

Used convertibles?


Bodywork questions.

How do convertibles/hard tops work?

Which BMW Convertible models have a hard top?

Which BMW Convertible models have five seats?

What BMW Convertibles have four seats?

What BMW Convertible models have four doors?


Performance questions.

Why are convertibles heavier than coupés?

Why are convertibles slower than coupés?


Cost questions.

Are convertibles hard to maintain?


Safety and security questions.

How dangerous are convertibles?

Which BMW Convertibles have roll bars?

Are convertibles safe for babies?

Are BMW Convertibles easy to steal?

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