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Some BMW Convertible models have hard tops, some soft canvas ones. Each has its advantages, but whatever the type of roof your BMW Convertible has, you can be sure it will provide protection from the weather, as well as security and comfort. All BMW Convertible roofs are electrically operated and all stow away into a compartment in the boot to give an elegant seamless top-down look when not in use.

The soft top.

Fitted to BMW 2 and 6 Series Convertibles is a canvas roof, or soft top. Generally lighter than the hard top alternative, they're less likely to upset the weight balance of the car, preserving its dynamic road manners. Yet with multilayer construction, the soft top makes for a warm, secure environment, and provides good noise dampening qualities, while a heated rear window makes the cars perfectly suitable for winter use.
On the BMW 6 Series, the rear window is not part of the roof, so can be lowered when the roof is up for gentle ventilation, or raised when the roof is down, to reduce wind buffeting.
Both models' roofs fold away at the touch of a button - the BMW 2 Series in twenty seconds at speeds of up to 30mph and the BMW 6 Series in 19 seconds at up to 25mph. And should rain threaten, the 2 Series closes in approximately 20 seconds, the 6 Series in 24 seconds.

The hard top.

The hard top, as fitted to the BMW 4 Series, gives you two looks for the price of one. Roof up and you're driving an elegant coupé; roof down and you're at the wheel of a convertible.
Also, their construction enables a little more luxury, such as lights built into the roof liner, while they're also more effective at dampening road and wind noise. Like BMW soft tops they will have a heated rear window for winter motoring, making them a genuine year-round option.


BMW Convertibles. Available in small, medium or large doses of excitement.

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