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Four-wheel drive isn’t just for crossing muddy fields. It brings a safer, more responsive drive to every journey on any surface in any conditions – snow, ice, or heavy rain. By powering all of the wheels all of the time, and by varying the amount of power each wheel gets depending on its grip, slippery roads become less treacherous, and bends can be exited with more power. All thanks to xDrive, the BMW approach to four-wheel drive. 
BMW xDrive is available on almost every BMW vehicle, from the BMW 1 Series Sports Hatch to the BMW X models. The BMW X models are what many people imagine of when they think of a 4x4, and it’s these that are looked at in more detail.

The origin of xDrive.

Four-wheel drive has appeared on BMW vehicles since 1985, the first being the BMW 325i ‘Allrad’. Although groundbreaking at the time, the power split was mechanical and it wasn’t until the BMW X3, launched in 2003, that the modern xDrive was born.
This uses electronically controlled clutches to redistribute power, which are able to react in as little as a tenth of a second. Like its predecessor, not only does it make driving safer in poor conditions, it also improves handling. 

Today’s xDrive.

Today’s BMW xDrive system is one of the most sophisticated approaches to four-wheel drive around, being able to vary the power between the front and rear axles by as much as is needed, up to 100% to either axle.
Available on almost every BMW Series, including Saloons and Touring models and the Sports Activity Vehicles in the BMW X range, it provides peace of mind in difficult conditions, and grip when you need it most.
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