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BMW 4x4.

BMW makes it as easy as possible to own a BMW 4x4 model.

There are many paths to owning a BMW, depending on whether you'd like to own or hire, the sort of mileage you're likely to drive, and how you'd like to spread the cost. They're all facilitated by BMW Financial Services.

Start the buying process online.

With BMW Retail Online there's no need to leave your sofa to buy a BMW. The support of our Retailer network is always on hand to guide you through the process, and you can always visit a BMW Centre to arrange a test drive or discuss your options. BMW Retail Online provides a seamless process, from configuring your new model and arranging a trade-in amount, through to choosing a suitable finance package and arranging delivery. All without leaving home.
Click the link below to find out more.

BMW Select.

This is the most popular method of financing the purchase of a BMW, and defers a portion of the value until the end of the agreement. The remaining amount is paid in monthly instalments over 24, 36 or 48 months. At the end of that term you can hand the car back, or part exchange the car for a newer model and begin the process again.

The cost of the final lump sum - which will vary depending on the mileage you've done and the condition of the car - can itself be spread over several payments. When the lump sum is fully paid off, the car is yours.

To find out more details about BMW Select, click the link below.

BMW Hire Purchase.

Put down a deposit and the balance of the cost of the car is spread over 36 to 60 months. At the end of that time, the car's yours. Offering fixed term costs and no mileage restrictions BMW Hire Purchase provides motoring peace of mind.

Find out more by clicking the link below.

BMW Contract Hire.

Once you've chosen your BMW, decide on how long you'd like to hire the car for (usually between 24 and 48 months) and estimate your annual mileage. BMW Financial Services then agrees an initial payment and regular monthly rental amounts to suit your budget. Provided the vehicle is within the agreed mileage and kept in good condition, there's nothing to pay when you hand the car back.

If you're a VAT-registered business there are tax advantages to using BMW Contract Hire. Find out more by clicking the link below.

BMW Approved Used Cars.

Choosing an Approved Used BMW gives you access to a nation-wide selection of vehicles, all with immediate delivery. You can finance the purchase in the same way that you can finance the purchase of a new BMW - with BMW Select or BMW Hire Purchase. Click the link to start searching for your BMW Approved Used BMW X model.
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