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In this section you can find the answer to questions you may have about returning your BMW.
If you can’t find a suitable answer, or would like further information, please contact us.

If you decide to return your BMW, there are a number of things that you will need to do before the collection date. This section details the returns process, and has some guidance on what damage is deemed ‘fair wear and tear’.

Preparing for your inspection.

At least 10 days before the end of your contract, please call us to book your car’s inspection. You can also request a collection via our online contact form.

Our logistics company will carry out your car’s inspection, checking for damage that falls outside fair wear and tear guidelines. They will also record the mileage so we can check this against the contractual mileage limit on your finance agreement.

BMW Return standards.

To help explain what is deemed fair wear and tear we have produced a film to explain the rules and 
give examples of the kind of damage you may or may not be charged for.
You can skip to the relevant section by selecting the appropriate chapter heading.
If you are concerned that your car has damage that you may be charged for, please refer to our
matrix of damage charge costs for an indication of the potential charges.
Our inspection is carried out in line with the British Vehicle Rental & Leasing Association (BVRLA)
Fair Wear and Tear guide. 

Preparing your paperwork.

Before we collect your BMW, we will need to have received your V5C and your MOT certificate, if applicable. (Detach and retain the yellow section 9 of the V5C).
You will need to send this to the DVLA, once the vehicle has been collected, so they know you are no longer the registered keeper of the car. When they receive this they will automatically refund any unused road fund tax.
If you are unable to find your V5C, contact the DVLA immediately on 0300 790 6802 and request a duplicate. If your vehicle is returned without a V5C you will be invoiced for the cost to us obtaining a duplicate on your behalf.
If you have a BMW Contract Hire agreement we will manage this process for you.

Personalised number plates.

If you have a personalised number plate you’d like to keep, follow the steps below for your type of finance agreement.

BMW Select

BMW Contract Hire


Before the collection.

Please review the damage video and cost matrix to ensure that you are aware of the sort of damage that may incur a charge.
If your car has been involved in an accident, you should have it repaired under your motor insurance policy before returning it to us. Any repairs must be in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations and you must tell us about any accident damage you've had repaired during the agreement.
You will need to ensure your BMW is taxed, insured and has a valid MOT, where appropriate, up until the point we collect it.

On the day of collection.

The car return process includes a ‘fair wear and tear’ inspection carried out by a trained inspector, followed by the collection of the car by a driver.  It is important that you are present when our appointed logistics company inspects your car, as you will need to sign the report to confirm that you agree to the car’s return condition.
Please ensure your car is clean, road legal, contains a minimum of a quarter of a tank of fuel and is parked with plenty of space around it for the inspector to complete his assessment. The full service history should be placed inside the car along with spare keys, the key to any lock in wheel nuts and any other items that came with your BMW.

After the vehicle collection.

Once we receive the vehicle inspection report from the logistics company, we will check if the mileage on your car has exceeded the agreed limit. If it has, you will be invoiced at the pence per mile rate stated in your finance agreement.
We will also review any damage detailed on the inspection report and raise an invoice for anything that falls outside of the British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association’s (BVRLA) Fair Wear and Tear Guidelines. 
If your car was returned after the contract end date we will also charge you a daily rate (your original monthly payment pro-rated).
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