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Owning a BMW with xDrive is one of life's pleasures, but many prospective buyers have one or two questions...
Are all-wheel drive and four-wheel drive and 4x4 the same thing? Which models have seven seats? Which is the best version for towing? These are the sort of questions most prospective owners ask, so we've grouped the answers into several sections below.

General questions.

Are all-wheel drive and 4WD and 4x4 the same?

Who needs 4WD?

Who makes 4WD vehicles?

Why do some 4WD models sit higher?

What BMW 4WD car can I get on Motability?

Why do 4WD models use more fuel?

Are 4WD models expensive to maintain?

Model-specific questions.

Which BMW 4WD car has seven seats?

Which BMW 4WD car has the biggest boot?

Which BMW 4WD model is the best for towing?

Which BMW 5 Series models are available to purchase with xDrive?

Is the BMW M5 the only vehicle within the M Series available with xDrive?

Running cost questions.

Which BMW 4WD car has the best mpg?

When did 4WD road tax increase?

N.B. Images shown may differ from UK specification.
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