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BMW M: For individuals.

Motorsport is our passion, driving pleasure is our goal, and perfection is our driving force. We aim to create  legendary vehicles, and we won’t accept anything less.

M Vehicles: Experience passion.

Born on the racetrack, at home on the road. Driven by motorsport, the exclusively equipped M vehicles meet the highest demands for agility, dynamics and power. Powerful engines, expressive design and top-class functionality are evidence of the passion involved in the creation of each vehicle.


Being able to define your own luxury is the greatest luxury of all: Design your BMW to your specifications with the exclusive equipment from the BMW Individual Collection. A combination of bespoke paintwork, high-quality leather upholstery, fine-wood trims and other outstanding features let you personalise your BMW and inspire your senses.
Or take it to another level and create your own truly unique car: BMW Individual Manufaktur allows you to create a one-off vehicle that ensures individual driving pleasure and the maximum expression of your personality.

M equipment and packages: The perfect combination

M equipment and packages include components that have been expertly matched with each other – from chassis to design elements, from light alloy wheels to engines.

BMW Driving Experience: The product of passion.

Leave the limitations of the road behind. Experience the laws of physics in extreme driving situations, practise safe techniques and feel the spirit of classical motor racing on genuine racetracks. All of this and more is on offer in the various driver training courses, which take place in M vehicles and other BMWs. This is the BMW Driving Experience.

BMW M Performance Vehicles: Powered by M.

BMW M performance vehicles are the product of a passion for power and dynamics. They are developed with a love of detail and the collective experience of the engineers at BMW M. The result is vehicles with an extraordinarily sporty character and a unique combination of dynamics, comfort and everyday suitability.
BMW M Performance accessories bring motor racing to the road: innovative retrofit components that carry the exclusive endorsement of “Powered by M”, developed in close collaboration with BMW M. They’re the perfect way to make your BMW even more sporty.

BMW M in MotoGP™.

The most powerful letter in the world, at the top of motorcycle racing.
Since 1999, BMW M has been the “Official Car of MotoGP” and a partner of MotoGP organiser, Dorna Sports. The provision of the safety cars and the rest of the official fleet lies at the heart of the partnership. This season, the fleet consists of five BMW M and M Performance models, spearheaded by the BMW M4 Coupé Safety Car.
BMW M has also continuously expanded its MotoGP activities in recent years. Since 2003, the coveted BMW M Award has been presented to the best MotoGP qualifier at the end of each season. Guests on the BMW M MotoGP Experience are given an unforgettable race weekend, during which they are granted an exclusive insight into what goes on behind the scenes at the pinnacle of motorcycle racing. This includes garage tours by former World Champion Loris Capirossi and a taxi ride in the actual BMW M Safety Car. These are just some of the many BMW M activities within MotoGP. Detailed information on the partnership  is available via the following link:

BMW M: Where too much is just right.

Born on the racetrack, eyes focused on the road and pumped with plenty of adrenaline. M is by no means an ordinary letter; in fact, it is the most powerful letter in the world. 

The fascination for BMW M has lived for more than four decades. Find out everything you need to know at our official website.

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