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By integrating vehicle sensor data with the digital car park plan, using a smartwatch BMW has made it possible to enable the BMW i3 to quickly and autonomously navigate its way through a multi-storey car park to locate a suitable parking space. In the meantime, the driver can already be on the way to their next appointment.
Upon receiving a voice command from the smartwatch, the fully automated Remote Valet Parking Assistant calculates the exact time the driver will be back at the car park, and then starts the BMW i3 so that it reaches the car park exit in time for the driver’s arrival.
The research vehicle is equipped not only with laser sensors but also with computing modules and algorithms, allowing it to precisely determine its position in the car park, to perfectly monitor its surroundings and to navigate autonomously and fully automatically. This allows vehicles to orientate themselves and navigate without going to the expense of fitting the car park – or other facility – with special infrastructure.
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