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We intend to be as much a part of the stories shaping the next 100 years of mobility as we have the last. So we’ll be sharing these stories with you on our platform over the coming months. Articles that will look back on 100 years of  BMW, at the technologies and innovations  shaping tomorrow’s mobility – plus exclusive videos and pictures of our BMW VISION NEXT 100 and BMW Group Future Experiences world tour.


The driver of the future will have an intelligent companion by their side. A virtual co-pilot they can rely on in every situation. And we really do mean every situation. This Companion will support you in becoming the “Ultimate Driver” and even alert you to things you might have overlooked or forgotten. So how will this change your life? Well, for a start you can delete the words “If only ...” from your vocabulary. Here are five examples, which show how the Companion will make your daily life a whole lot easier in the future.

If only … I had remembered!

The situation today: We’re in a meeting and our inner voice is trying to tell us something: something about today. But what? All we can remember is that we have to be home on time tonight. So we hurry up, finish our work, and head out. Despite the traffic universe doing evertyhing it can to stop us, we make it home at 7 on the dot. Then, just as we’re still celebrating our achievement, it suddenly dawns on us: today’s our wedding anniversary.

How the Companion helps us in future:

In future, the Companion won’t just remind us in plenty of time about our wedding anniversary. It won’t even just schedule a trip to our wife’s favourite flower shop into our  calender and adjust driving times accordingly to ensure we make it to all our other appointments. On the way to the shop, it will also show us recommendations for bouquets in line with our personal preferences or the flowers we bought in previous years. After dropping us off at the shop, the Companion will also go and autonomously find a parking space, or if none are available, cruise around in Ease Mode until we’re ready to be picked up again. And that’s something else worth celebrating.

If only ... I had taken a taxi!

The situation today: Boarding is just about to start and we’re only just locking the front door on our way out of the house. The timing couldn’t be worse. Should we get a taxi? We decide against it. It’ll be quicker if we drive. The lift is broken – we take the stairs. It’s raining – we run to the car. The city is one big construction site – we keep our cool. We arrive at the airport with just minutes to spare. Nearly made it we think. But by the time we’ve parked the car, ... our bird has flown.

How the Companion helps us in future:

We forgot to check in beforehand. But it’s no problem: the Companion has already done that for us. It has also reserved us an aisle seat in one of the first rows, our preferred spot. Keeping an eye on the traffic situation, the Companion drives the car round to pick us up outside our front door, ready to leave on time. On the way, it expertly navigates us around all the construction sites in the city so we arrive at the airport in plenty of time. After dropping us off in front of our terminal, it then goes and takes care of the parking for us. Now that’s what we call flying.

If only ... I had recognised her!

The situation today: We’re stopped at a red light: contemplating everything and nothing while we wait. Somebody crosses the road in front of us like a a thundred others do every day. Lost in our thoughts, we still sense something familiar about her as she walks past. But it’s only when she disappears around the corner that we remember who she is.

How the Companion helps us in future:

The Companion intelligently detects when people from your Contacts are close by and alerts you via the vehicle’s Head-Up Display. Once it picks up the GPS signal from one of their networked devices like a mobile phone or vehicle, information such as their name, contact details and important dates like birthday are displayed for you. So now you know that the woman crossing the road in front of you is an ex-colleague you haven’t seen in years – you’ll actually have time to do something about it. Now that’s what we call friendly support.

If only ... we had planned things better!

The situation today: It’s Friday evening and we decide to go on a spontaneous city trip over the weekend. We just get in the car and set off. But where are we going to stay? And what do we want to do? We didn’t have time to think about any of this before we left. So now we end up staying in a hotel we would never have picked by choice, eating at a restaurant just around the corner, and wandering rather aimlessly around the city centre. Then on Monday morning when we’re back in the office, we’re bombarded with questions by our more clued-up colleagues: did you go to the opening of that incredible new gallery or visit that funky restaurant with the secret club in the basement?

How the Companion helps us in future:

We’ve just finished work on Friday and the Companion is ready and waiting for us with the BMW VISION NEXT 100. While it drives us safely and comfortably to the hotel it has helped us select, it also shares fantastic recommendations with us for things to see and do that it has researched in line with our personal interests. Before we even arrive, we’ve planned the perfect weekend away, starting with a table for two at the hottest new restaurant in town ...

If only ... I had seen it sooner!

The situation today: We’re enjoying our drive along the serpentine roads of Northern Italy, celebrating the beautiful new views around each and every bend. Until the next bend sees us heading straight for the debris from a rockfall that is. Now, we’re slamming on the brakes and screeching to a halt just centimetres away from a massive boulder blocking the road. We breathe a huge sigh of relief. But that was far too close for comfort. We dread to think what could have happened if we’d reacted just a few milliseconds later. We really need a break now.

How the Companion helps us in future:

While we’re enjoying our drive, the Companion keeps a constant eye out for potential dangers on our road ahead. And because it’s always in continuous dialogue with other traffic systems and vehicles, it already knows there’s a rockfall up ahead – and its exact location. As we approach the danger, the Companion sends us a timely warning via the Head-Up Display and shows us the ideal speed and driving line we should follow to safely avoid it. Then, while we get back to enjoying our drive, the Companion informs the responsible road maintenance department and other vehicles to make sure they’re also aware of the danger. Now that’s what we call helpful support.

PURE LUXURY: The BMW Individual 7 Series THE NEXT 100 YEARS.

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