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Welcome to the future.

With BMW Vision Cars, the future takes shape today. They are the visible proof of the value of farsighted ideas and revolutionary thinking, demonstrating what happens when we discard old habits and customs. BMW Vision Cars serve as an inspiration and a perspective for all future development.

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive (2008).

The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive adds form to the otherwise invisible technologies for linking the driver, vehicle and the outside world. The idea of freedom in increasingly complex driving situations is expressed in this emotional roadster.
The exciting design of the interior is divided into the three thematic worlds of BMW ConnectedDrive: safety, infotainment and comfort. Fibre optics highlight the interaction of the different themes with the driver, passenger or outside world.

BMW Vision EfficientDynamics (2009).

Lightweight construction, optimised aerodynamics and an innovative drive concept make the BMW Vision EfficientDynamics a genuine sports car, but with consumption at the level of a compact car.
The layering effect in the design opens up a fascinating view into the future of pure driving pleasure. Joints and hard surface transitions on the exterior and interior are not merely an expression of a new aesthetic. They are an active design function, assuming an aerodynamic benefit and thus saving weight.

BMW GINA Light Visionary Model (2008).

The BMW GINA Light Visionary Model is a vision of the future and a research object at the same time, breaking through as many conventions of automobile construction as possible.
GINA stands for ‘Geometry and functions In “N” Adaptation’. It interacts with the driver: with the aid of the flexible outer shell and via the mobile substructure, the vehicle is able to adapt to different driving conditions, while on the inside, individual functions are only released when the driver needs them.
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