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BMW News

Current reports from the world of BMW, innovation, cars, sport, business and corporate affairs.

BMW Events

Keep up to date with the latest upcoming BMW events ranging from motorsport to golf, rugby and arts & culture.

BMW Awards

Each and every BMW is engineered to deliver efficiency, performance and joy. This hasn't gone unrecognised in the automotive world, with our cars, engines and designs receiving a host of prestigious awards.

BMW Technology

Technology is the beating heart of every BMW. Its application is key to the exceptional efficiencies and dynamic drive synonymous with BMW cars, and here you can find out more about BMW EfficientDynamics, xDrive, and iPerformance.


Driving pleasure meets perfection. Motorsport meets passion. BMW M GmbH has one goal always in front of the eyes: creating automobiles that have what it takes to become legends.

BMW Individual

Design and optimise your very own and unique BMW with the BMW Individual Collection and BMW Individual Manufaktur.

BMW Concept and Vision Cars

Find out more about BMW concept cars from the past to the present.

BMW Design

BMW Design shows at a glance what you can experience with a BMW: dynamics, joy and passion.

BMW Legend

It all started with aircraft engines, followed by motorcycles and finally automobiles – which have been setting milestones in motorsport from the very beginning.

BMW and the Environment

BMW is committed to reducing the environmental impact of car manufacturing through every stage of the car's life.

The Next 100 Years

We’re celebrating 100 years of BMW by looking forward. Drive into the future with us in our new vision vehicle – and experience the mobility of tomorrow for yourself.
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