PCO Licensed Replacement/Demonstrator Terms and Conditions.
For Chauffeurs operating in the London area, the replacement vehicle will be a PCO licensed vehicle. In all other areas the availability of a replacement vehicle will be subject to the regulations of the relevant licensing authority and the ability to obtain a temporary licence. Four hour period refers to a BMW repair time of four hours or more. Where possible, the replacement London PCO licensed vehicle will be a like-for like vehicle but this cannot be guaranteed in all cases. The provision of replacement vehicles and onward mobility in the event of immobilisation are subject to the terms and conditions detailed within the BMW Emergency Service handbook.
A non-licensed replacement vehicle will be provided for chauffeurs licensed outside of the London PCO area. We will endeavour to keep you mobile in a BMW branded replacement vehicle but this cannot be guaranteed. It is the responsibility of a London PCO licensed driver to request a licensed vehicle when making the initial assistance call. PCO license details may be requested before a replacement vehicle is provided.
Demonstrator vehicles are subject to status, availability and agreement of loan vehicle terms and conditions. Drivers will be asked to present their operator licence and driving licence including photo ID as well as the paper counterpart in cases of a two part licence. Participating Retailers only.