£99* for BMW 5 Series E60/61 models.

Work performed in this package:
  • Standard Scope - Checking check control messages, checking indicator and warning lamps, service interval indicator reset in accordance with BMW specification.
  • Service, vehicle check:  The following items are checked for function, condition, wear and damage where applicable:

   - Horn, headlight flasher and hazard warning system
   - Instrument/inscription lighting, passenger/luggage/glove box lighting
   - Main headlight systems
   - Seat belt straps, automatic reel, seat belt locking reel, seat belt buckle, belt and clip
   - Windscreen wipe and car wash systems
   - Tyres
   - Warning triangle, high-visibility jacket and first aid box
   - Vehicle battery
   - Vehicle body for corrosion (except cavities)
Engine compartment:
   - Coolant level and concentration - top up if necessary
   - Washer fluid level - top up if necessary
   - Steering fluid tank if applicable
   - Brake lines and connections
   - All visible parts on vehicle underbody
   - Steering components
 Test Drive:
   - Road safety test – brakes, steering, shock absorbers and gearbox tested on road test.