Further information on the official fuel consumption and on the official specific CO2 emissions of new passenger cars can be found in the guidelines on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of new passenger cars (see INSERT YOUR CONTENT HERE).
All dimensions given in the technical drawings are in millimetres.
The models illustrated may, in part, include optional equipment and accessories not fitted as standard. Due to specific national requirements, the model versions and equipment available in individual countries may differ from those described here. For precise information, please contact your BMW partner. Subject to change in design and equipment. Subject to error. Equipment specific to national markets is not represented here.
 Unladen weight EU in kg: The figure quoted includes a 90 per cent tank filling, 68 kg for the driver and 7 kg for luggage. Unladen weight applies to vehicles with standard equipment. Optional equipment may increase this figure.
Rated output: The petrol engine of the BMW X6 M is designed for RON 98 fuel. The engine may be run on RON 95 fuel with a decrease in power and an increase in fuel consumption.
Top speed: electronically limited.
The engine is EU5-capable and, from the time when the EU5 legislation comes into force, is EU5-approved, based on the EU Directive 715/2007 (EC) dated 20 June 2007. Fuel consumption combined: fuel consumption is determined in accordance with the ECE driving cycle, made up of approximately one-third urban traffic and two-thirds extra-urban driving (based on the distance covered). CO2 emissions are measured in addition to fuel consumption.