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Designed to suit your needs: equipment packages and accessories for the BMW Z4 Roadster.

The BMW Z4 is an automobile with character. Its shapes and lines trace an exterior that exudes classical elegance as well as striking sportiness. With exclusive equipment packages and the customised accessories solution, you can create new accents in the interior and exterior to personalise the appearance of your BMW Z4. For vehicles produced from July 2015 whichever model you choose will come with BMW Business Navigation as standard.

Design Pure Traction.

A question of expression. And of power. The Design Pure Traction brings the BMW Z4 to dynamic perfection. Selected design elements expertly pick up on the design of the roadster and underscore its athletic character in distinctive ways. 




Design Pure Balance.

Designers like to make our dreams come true by bringing their own dreams to life. One of these dreams is the Design Pure Balance for the BMW Z4. It’s a classic example of opposites attracting.




M Sport model.

Creating a powerful presence, the M Sport model enhances the dynamics of the BMW Z4. The 18-inch star spoke M light-alloy wheels emphasise its timeless athletic character, as do the optional 19-inch double spoke wheels and the exclusive Melbourne Red metallic paint finish. Inside the Sport seats provide maximum side support, and with the M leather steering wheel between your hands you will have every curve under control. The M sports chassis and the M aerodynamics package ensure athletic road holding at all times.

Genuine BMW Accessories.

Driving pleasure, customised. Genuine BMW Accessories offers a range of attractive options to accentuate the character of your BMW Z4 and customise its comfort to meet your requirements – for more flexibility and a driving experience just the way you like it.

Transport systems

Exterior equipment

Interior equipment


Standard specification.

The BMW Z4 comes with an impressive standard specification. To find out exactly what is included for this model please download the detailed specification below.
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