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BMW eDrive, the electrical drive component of BMW iPerformance models, not only delivers maximum driving pleasure, but does so almost silently and without emissions. Three parts form the core of eDrive: the electric motor, the lithium-ion high performance battery and intelligent energy management.
BMW eDrive is also the key component in BMW i models, the future of sustainable motoring. Click the link below to discover more about the BMW i range.


The three components of BMW eDrive work together to provide a dynamic drive across the BMW iPerformance range. Whether you choose the 225xe Active Tourer, 330e Saloon, X5 xDrive40e, 740e or 740Le xDrive, underneath you will find BMW eDrive technology.

Electric motor with eBoost

Lithium-ion High Performance Battery

Intelligent energy management


Is a BMW iPerformance right for me?

Are the driving sensations and safety features similar to conventionally powered BMW cars?

Is it possible to continue driving electrically even if the fuel tank is empty?

How far is the electric range?

What is the lifespan of the high-voltage battery in a BMW iPerformance model?

Does the high-voltage battery restrict the luggage space?

What should you be aware of when parking a BMW iPerformance model for a lengthy period of time?

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