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The BMW 7 Series iPerformance models.

The range and performance of a BMW TwinPower Turbo engine coupled with the efficiency of an electric motor: the BMW 7 Series iPerformance (BMW 740e and 740Le xDrive) brings together the best of both worlds. The result is substantially lower fuel consumption and emissions, with a driving performance that allows the comfort and technology in the BMW 7 Series to be fully experienced.

Vehicle concept.

With the BMW 7 Series iPerformance, BMW has created a luxury saloon with remarkable fuel consumption figures and renowned BMW driving characteristics. The eDrive lettering on the rear indicates an electric drive, which in pure electric mode gives a range of up to 28 miles (up to 25 miles with xDrive).
Even in combined mode, the BMW 7 Series iPerformance models produce only 49 g/km (54 g/km with xDrive). The high-voltage battery is housed below the luggage compartment, leaving plenty of space for bulky luggage. The result is a future-orientated vehicle that is second to none.

Individual driving behaviour.

The BMW 7 Series iPerformance models have various driving modes, allowing the driver to dictate the fuel consumption. In practice, fuel consumption depends not only on driving modes, but also on personal driving style. When the battery is fully charged, up to 28 miles (up to 25 miles with xDrive) can be covered purely electrically before the BMW TwinPower Turbo petrol engine kicks in.

Urban driving

Day-to-day driving

Long distance driving


Intelligent energy management.

Intelligent energy management is key to the BMW iPerformance concept. The system coordinates the interaction of all of the drive components to produce the best possible efficiency with great driving dynamics. Intelligent energy management optimises the hybrid drive's power-efficiency by predictively choosing the appropriate drive. For example, navigation data is used to identify in advance the sections of the route and driving situations that are best suited for the electric motor or for charging the battery.
When the combustion engine is being inefficient, the system makes it produce additional power. This is used to create electricity for the battery, which can later be used for electric driving or supporting the combustion engine. The system also controls the electric motor/generator, so that kinetic energy is transformed into electrical energy during coasting and when braking. In combination with ECO PRO mode, intelligent energy management adapts all vehicle systems, such as air conditioning, to be fuel-consumption conscious and highly efficient.
The eDrive button allows the driver to choose between three different electric drive modes. When starting the vehicle, the AUTO eDrive (hybrid) mode is active by default. The MAX eDrive mode allows a purely electric driving up to 87mph, where permitted. In the Battery Control mode, the saved electric energy is retained for later use.

AUTO eDrive mode

MAX eDrive mode


Predictive selection



Whether using conventional household socket or a BMW i Wallbox - available as an accessory – charging the BMW 7 Series iPerformance models could not be easier. Numerous public ChargeNow charging stations are available for energy top ups when you're away from home.

Home charging

Public charging


In addition to BMW Remote Services such as remote locking, hybrid-specific functions are also available via smartphone (iOS or Android), ensuring that you always have an overview of the fuel consumption and efficiency figures. 

BMW ConnectedDrive App



Interior comfort and luxury.

The BMW 7 Series takes luxury motoring into the next age, yet retains touches of timeless elegance, with hand crafted wood inlays and hand-stitched leather upholstery. With their innovative drivetrain, the BMW iPerformance models are even more forward looking, but still have the luxury and comfort with which the BMW 7 Series is synonymous.
Unique to the BMW iPerformance models is the door sill embellishment, while the 'e' suffix on the boot denotes the hybrid electric drive. The instrument cluster features additional dials to highlight the amount of remaining charge and projected range, while buttons to access the various driving modes fall naturally to hand.
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