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The BMW i8 boasts the lowest centre of gravity of all BMWs and, with its weight-optimised design, has all the characteristics of a classic sports car. Thanks to ultra-lightweight materials, aerodynamic optimisation and a comprehensive package of BMW EfficientDynamics technologies, the BMW i8 achieves astonishing figures for consumption and emissions.


Air resistance doesn’t stand a chance.
A streamlined body, striking dynamic shape and low weight, undeniably makes the BMW i8 a thoroughbred sports car. Aerodynamically optimised features ensure that maximum dynamics are combined with optimum efficiency. This extends to almost every feature of the car’s exterior, from its LED rear lights to its alloy wheels which minimise turbulence.

Low, wide and dynamic.

The BMW i8 displays all the characteristics of a thoroughbred sports car.

Carbon fibre core.

The passenger compartment of the BMW i8 is made of a carbon fibre composite. This is up to 50% lighter than steel and approximately 30% lighter than aluminium, yet with the same highly-stable, crash-safe material properties. The BMW i models are the first vehicles in a large production series to have substantial sections made of this high-tech material.

50:50 axle load distribution.

The unique LifeDrive architecture allows the BMW i8 to distribute its weight optimally across both axles. The electric motor in the front, the petrol engine at the rear and, as the consolidating element, the energy tunnel with built-in high-voltage batteries runs along the centre console through the car. The hybrid technology with the battery at the bottom of the body-shell, combined with the lightweight carbon fibre module above it, ensures ideal weight distribution − and outstanding, sporty handling.
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