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The drive of the BMW i8.

Explosive acceleration, tremendous agility, revolutionary efficiency, with a powerful combination of an electric motor and a petrol engine. Built with BMW eDrive technology, the i8 is one of most innovative sports cars of our time, delivering efficiency and dynamism in equal measure.

Driving modes.

The BMW i8 offers a variety of modes to either maximise its efficiency or allow it to fully express its sporty personality.


ECO PRO mode

SPORT mode


BMW eDrive.

Innovative drive.

BMW eDrive technology in the plug-in hybrid system.
Pressing the eDrive button adapts the BMW i8 for purely electric driving. This is possible in the COMFORT and ECO PRO modes. In the COMFORT mode with eDrive, the BMW i8 drives without support from the engine. Purely electrical driving at speeds of up to 75 mph is possible with eDrive.

Powerful plug-in hybrid system

Intelligent energy management


Four-wheel drive.

With the eDrive button pressed, 100% electric driving is possible in the BMW i8, with power coming via the front axle only while a high-performance three-cylinder engine works at the rear axle. The hybrid mode allows the intelligent combination of both, providing optimal traction in every situation.
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