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BMW i Aftersales products and services.

At BMW, we recognise our work does not end the moment you purchase your BMW i vehicle. BMW i represents a revolution of the car as we know it and additional unique support elements enhance the ownership experience. That is why BMW have developed a portfolio of products and services designed to do just this. Within the BMW i Aftersales portfolio, BMW i brings together a wide range of innovative products and services that make electric driving a convenient and enjoyable everyday experience.

Service Maintenance & Repair.

The BMW i range of vehicles have been designed to require minimum maintenance. However, in order to maintain its optimum performance, protect its warranty and enhance its resale value, it is important for the vehicle to be maintained in line with the manufacturer’s recommendations. At a BMW i Agent or BMW i Service Authorised Workshop, all maintenance work is carried out by BMW i Trained Technicians following strict BMW procedures and only using Genuine BMW i Parts.

BMW i Approved Bodyshop

Genuine BMW i Parts

Service Inclusive

Use the links below for more information about BMW i Warranty.
Current handbook version. This may differ from the version supplied with your BMW i vehicle when new depending on registration date. For applicable terms please refer to the original version issued with your BMW i vehicle or contact 08700 120 580.

Service Inclusive Prices.

The models below have Service Inclusive available at the prices shown up until the vehicle's first services (prices applicable from 1 January 2017).
BMW i3
BMW i8

Details of items covered.

*Applicable only to BMW i3 with Range Extender option.
Oil service*
Renew engine oil and oil filter
Engine oil top-ups*
Required between services
Vehicle Check
Renew microfilter(s)
Renew air conditioning microfilter / activated charcoal filter
Renew brake fluid

Genuine BMW i Accessories.

A BMW i always delivers a special drive and Genuine BMW i Accessories make the experience better still. Combining great ideas, immaculate design and sheer practicality to create innovative solutions, Genuine BMW Accessories are available in many categories: exterior, interior, communications & information and transport & luggage compartment solutions. Your BMW i Agent or BMW i Service Authorised Workshop will be pleased to advise you on the complete range of Genuine BMW i Accessories, which are all made of recycled material.

All-weather floor mats

Storage Bag

Transport Net

Wallbox Plus

Winter Wheel & Tyre Set - Style 428


BMW i Lifestyle range.

The BMW i Lifestyle range encompasses visionary design and unmistakable identity ultimately defined by sustainability. All products produced for the BMW i Lifestyle range compliment the car of tomorrow using futuristic design with sustainability at its heart. The innovative new materials meet our premium standards and are apparent in the choice of natural materials.

Key Ring


Roll Pen

Solar Charger

USB Stick

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