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Dynamics and efficiency of the BMW X6 M.

The BMW X6 M offers concentrated power that the M-specific xDrive effectively transfers to the street. Outstanding traction is guaranteed. Rapid gear changes, either manually or automatically, are possible thanks to the standard-feature eight-speed M Steptronic transmission. The M compound brakes achieve outstanding, motorsport-like deceleration values. And BMW EfficientDynamics technologies ensure that the awesome performance is combined with remarkable efficiency.

Eight-speed M Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic.

The eight-speed Steptronic transmission with Drivelogic sets new benchmarks in dynamics and gear changes. The unusually fine increments between gears and the extremely rapid changes facilitate optimum force delivery at all speeds, guaranteeing the ultimate in power and efficiency. Particularly at high speeds, the eighth gear reduces the engine speed, in turn decreasing both fuel consumption and engine noise. The driver can change gear manually in "D" mode as well as in "S" mode, via the M gear lever or the M gearshift paddles on the steering wheel. In manual "S" mode, the M Steptronic transmission does not automatically shift up and the engine reaches max speeds when necessary.
Additionally, the driver can change gear very dynamically at top speeds and use the Drivelogic function to set the shifting behaviour to one of three choices: comfortable and efficient, dynamic or racetrack dynamics with extra-short gear change times. A torque converter clutch ensures a direct connection between the engine and the transmission, with minimal loss of power. An M-exclusive feature: when the vehicle is at a standstill, there is no automatic force-transmitting connection between the engine and the transmission, which prevents "creeping". However, while manoeuvring, for example, a short tap of the accelerator activates "creeping on demand".

xDrive with M-specific features.

The intelligent BMW xDrive four-wheel drive system smoothly distributes drive power to the axles. In order to simultaneously meet and surpass all expectations for traction, directional stability and driving safety, the electronically operated system adjusts the force distribution with lightning speed. It can also counteract over and understeering, improving the vehicle's directional stability and handling.
In BMW M vehicles, xDrive places more emphasis on the rear axle, which also contributes to advancing dynamic characteristics. Priority is given to directing power to the rear wheels, and then to the front wheels, especially when driving through curves, minimising the tendency to understeer. This means that the driver can accelerate earlier and more forcefully, fully enjoying the vehicle's high driving dynamic potential. If desired, the front axle can receive up to 50 percent more of the drive torque. When Dynamic Stability Control is fully deactivated, controlled drifts are even possible.

M compound brakes.

M compound brakes make use of motorsport technology, allowing them to maintain constant effectiveness and brake-fade stabilisation, even under demanding usage. The use of various highly resilient materials results in excellent thermal stability, long-term durability and precise braking. It also reduces the brakes' weight, which has a positive effect on agility, dynamics, acceleration and fuel consumption.
The perforated, ventilated brake disc rings with six-piston brake callipers at the front ensure optimal responsiveness in wet conditions and improve heat dissipation. The blue metallic brake callipers with the characteristic M logo strongly emphasise the brake discs' sporty appearance and distinct, authentic M design.


With its irresistible dynamics, impressive agility and precise handling, the BMW X6 M sets new standards in its sector. Launch Control gets you off to a perfect start, and with Dynamic Drive, Dynamic Performance Control and Dynamic Damper Control, you can adjust the vehicle to suit the driving conditions.

Launch Control

Dynamic Performance Control

Dynamic Drive

Dynamic Damper Control

M Drive.

M Drive allows for the individual configuration of personal driver profiles from comfortable  cruising, all the way up to a sporty set-up for use on the racetrack. Activating either of the two saved profiles (and all of the settings saved with them) is as simple as touching one of the two M Drive buttons integrated into the M leather steering wheel.
The M dynamics buttons, for adjusting all of the individually configurable drive train and suspension functions, are arranged on the centre console around the gear selector. Independently of each other, the driver can select the DSC mode, the engine's performance characteristics, the adaptive suspension parameters, the M Servotronic steering characteristics, the shift options for the eight-speed M Steptronic transmission and the appearance of the Head-up Display. An individualised detailed vehicle set-up can be created via the iDrive menu, and it can be saved by holding down one of the two M Drive buttons on the M leather steering wheel.


Drivers can enjoy optimum power steering support in every driving situation with M Servotronic. It adjusts the steering assistance to suit the current speed and delivers a direct and precise steering response even at high speeds. It also ensures supreme comfort by minimising the physical effort required for steering, as well as maximising agility when parking, manoeuvring or navigating narrow or twisting roads.
A control unit uses electronic speed measurements to determine the necessary power steering support for every driving situation. The power steering support is finely adjusted via the electric control unit, making it far more precise than conventional power assisted steering systems that rely on engine speed for orientation.
With M Servotronic, minimal physical effort is necessary for steering at lower speeds. As speed increases, however, the steering support required is reduced continuously so as to ensure more direct contact with the road and therefore optimum directional stability. M Servotronic is specifically tailored for the M model and offers three settings for individual configuration that can be selected with the push of a button.

BMW EfficientDynamics technologies.

Get more out of every litre of fuel with BMW EfficientDynamics: better performance, greater efficiency and a heightened driving experience. Technical innovations that lower fuel consumption while increasing dynamics mean that driving pleasure comes standard with every BMW.

Auto Start-Stop

Brake Energy Regeneration

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