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Safety and comfort in the BMW M5 Saloon.

For relaxed, safe driving, the BMW M5 Saloon offers protection and comfort at the highest level. And with the essential service and maintenance operations contained in the BMW Service Inclusive package, you’re taking the first step towards unlimited driving pleasure.


The perfect ergonomic moulding of the seats in the BMW M5 Saloon makes them indispensable for dynamic driving.
Fitting the driver perfectly, the M seats, with their contoured side supports and electric backrest width adjustment, are a key component of the unrivalled driving experience in the BMW M5 Saloon. They provide protection against lateral acceleration forces and support the driver in every bend. The upholstery, available in several colours including Black, Silverstone and Sakhir Orange, is captivatingly exclusive and robust. The Memory function saves settings for the driver such as the seat height, lateral position and angle of the backrest. Special shoulder cushions, used exclusively for M seats, provide even more side support.
M multifunctional seats additionally offer the option of integrating active seat ventilation and the massage function for the active seat, both of which considerably reduce risk of driver fatigue.

Outstanding. Expressive.


Active and passive safety.

An effective combination of intelligent technology and a new generation of steels provide maximum protection for the occupants of the BMW M5 Saloon and other road users.
The optional protective concept Active Protection from BMW ConnectedDrive in the BMW M5 Saloon uses forward-thinking technology to safeguard the driver and passengers from injury in extreme circumstances. The seat belt tensioners built into the front seats actively enhance the function of the seat belts, while automatic sliding discs ensure the side airbags function optimally.
The BMW M5 Saloon also offers a high level of passive safety: multi-phase and warm, restructured steels are intelligently combined to provide superior protection for passengers. They also absorb and divert the impact energy by selective deformation – which additionally protects the other party in the accident. If there is a collision with a pedestrian, an automatic system lifts the bonnet to cushion the impact.

Comfort Access.

Simple, safe and sophisticated, the optional Comfort Access system lets you enter and start your BMW M5 Saloon without taking the key from your pocket.
As you approach the vehicle, the key transmits an identification signal. The doors unlock as soon as you make contact with the door handle and, for a safe entry, the surrounding lighting automatically illuminates the door sill for 20 seconds. The boot is also fitted with innovative technology for maximum comfort. It opens automatically when the built-in sensor detects a brief, deliberate movement of the foot under the bumper – not in connection with the tow bar and trailer hitch. When everything is ready, a brief touch of the Start/Stop button is all it takes to start your journey.
Comfort Access also simplifies locking your BMW M5 Saloon. Briefly press the exterior door handle when you exit, and your vehicle locks automatically. For practicality, the locking mechanism is disabled as long as your key remains in the cabin, which means locking your keys in the car by accident becomes impossible.

BMW Service Inclusive.

BMW Service Inclusive is the first step towards unlimited driving pleasure. It is a service package covering all essential service and maintenance work. For a set period or mileage BMW Service Inclusive includes all the services your BMW requires − as often as needed, and worldwide.
These include engine oil service including top-up quantities (requires regular engine oil service at an authorised BMW Service Centre), microfilter, fuel filter, air filter and spark plug service, change of brake fluid, automobile check and other services as per service record.
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