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Developed on the racetrack, built for everyday use. As an independent development of BMW M GmbH, the BMW M5 Saloon abides by the M Philosophy and perfectly combines high performance with suitability for daily driving.

Competition package.

With the optional Competition package, enhanced engine output, more direct steering and a specially designed chassis combine to deliver a pure motorsport sensation in the BMW M5 Saloon.
The optional Competition package shifts the BMW M5 Saloon one gear higher. The already breathtaking power of the M TwinPower Turbo eight-cylinder petrol engine is raised from 560 hp (412 kW) to 575 hp (423 kW) for that ultimate adrenaline kick. Raising the boost pressure in the upper range of revs is responsible for this added performance, while a modified exhaust unit provides a distinctly sporty engine sound. On the racing circuit and in everyday use, the specially designed suspension, which has been lowered by 10 millimetres, and the extremely sporty direct steering ensure that every command is executed with maximum precision. From the outside, the BMW M5 Saloon inspires with the optional Competition package featuring exclusive 20” M Double-spoke 601 M light alloy wheels in Bi-colour look and mixed tyres, together with the twin tailpipes of the Sport exhaust unit in black chrome finish. A combination that raises the pulse when viewed from any angle.

Experience now.



The BMW M5 Saloon has four doors and one aim – to enhance driving pleasure.

Active M differential.

More traction and greater stability when cornering, even on snow, gravel or ice. The Active M Differential supplies optimum traction and supports the dynamic qualities of the rear-wheel drive – both when accelerating out of corners and manoeuvring on slippery surfaces.
The Active M Differential even affords precise handling in cases of extreme lateral acceleration or uneven road surfaces. Here the active system is connected to the DSC by an electronic control element, and proactively imposes an intelligent locking action – completely independent of the differences in rotational speed between the right and left rear wheel. The results of this channelling of drive power are optimum traction, better handling and increased agility.


From 0 to 62mph is important. From 62 to 0mph is even more so.
The M carbon ceramic brakes, specially developed by BMW M GmbH, provide a powerful back-up for dynamic driving. Thanks to the clearly defined pressure point, braking power can always be applied precisely under all conditions.
The M carbon ceramic brakes actively contribute to improved driving dynamics in another respect too. Thanks to their reduced weight, they significantly reduce the rotating and unsprung masses in the vehicle. The result is top braking figures in any weather conditions and on any surface, for top performance in handling and agility.

M Servotronic.

All bends are enticing, particularly with assistance from M Servotronic. The intelligent system dynamically adapts steering power and resistance in line with your driving speed.
The BMW M5 Saloon obeys the driver’s commands precisely at any speed. The power assist reacts with more resistance at high speeds and automatically decreases at low speeds, on bends and when parking, for smoother vehicle behaviour. At increasing speeds, the power assist is continually controlled and reduced, resulting in more direct contact with the road.
In the optional Competition package, the M Servotronic is specially adapted to the higher power and sportier chassis. Thanks to a modified steering transmission it responds even more directly to the driver’s commands, for a greater sensation of motor racing and the best possible performance.

M chassis.

Meeting high demands for driving dynamics, agility and precision, the M high-performance suspension with its sophisticated design exploits the tremendous potential of this vehicle on any road.
Outstanding acceleration also comes from the Active M Differential on the rear axle. The three settings on the Dynamic Damping Control – Normal, Sport and Sport Plus – allow you to adjust the suspension to suit your requirements. The M Drive buttons on the steering wheel are pre-programmed with vehicle configurations that support either a sporty or relaxed driving style. One is the M Dynamic Mode, which allows a particularly authentic driving experience using the maximum lateral and longitudinal dynamics possible. This affects the normal function of the Dynamic Stability Control so it only has a stabilising effect in emergency situations.
With the Competition package, the suspension of the BMW M5 Saloon is particularly uncompromising. The spring rate is increased and the damping powers and stabilisation are adjusted accordingly. The Dynamic Damping Control settings are adapted to suit the increase in dynamics and the characteristics of the M Dynamic Mode (MDM) are even sharper. The result: unrivalled motorsport performance.

Seven-speed M double-clutch transmission.

The seven-speed M double-clutch transmission in the BMW M5 is designed for quick reactions. In fact, with the seven-speed M DCT with DRIVELOGIC, you don’t just change gears quickly, you change them immediately.
The seven-speed M double-clutch transmission with Drivelogic transfers engine power to the road in milliseconds, without the slightest disruption to tractive force. Two transmission structures with a separate clutch continually transfer the power generated by the engine to the rear wheels. Gears can be changed without the transmission of power being interrupted using either the paddles, shift lever or automatic mode for even more dynamic comfort.
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