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Driver Assistance in the BMW M5 Saloon.

As a driver of the BMW M5 Saloon, you not only enjoy excellent ergonomics. You can also count on innovative driver assistance systems that actively take away the strain and make driving even safer for everyone.

iDrive Touch Controller.

The iDrive Touch Controller gives you convenient control of the iDrive system with one hand. Thanks to the touchpad integrated in the Controller, you can easily enter information such as destinations for the navigation system, using your own handwriting.
You can also use it to access a wide range of functions and settings, and to scroll through lists. Operation is effortless and intuitive by means of touch − a great help for you as the driver, since it barely distracts your concentration on the road. And for added convenience, all functions operated using the Controller can be viewed in the Control Display.

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The full-colour BMW Head-up Display with M display projects relevant driving information directly into your line of sight, allowing you to concentrate fully on driving.
It displays information from the navigation system, notifications from the Speed Limit Info (including no-overtaking indicator) and Check Control messages. You can also have infotainment information displayed such as radio station, track titles, phone book entries and call lists.
The icons projected onto your windscreen are displayed in high resolution and full colour, with traffic symbols reproduced realistically. The information is displayed on the windscreen to ensure effective ergonomics and can be individually adapted. The full-colour BMW Head-up Display is not fully visible if you are wearing polarised sunglasses.
The illumination intensity is automatically modified to suit the external light conditions, and the system also features night-time and day-time modes. The brightness setting can be configured via the iDrive menu. You can also select which additional information you wish to have displayed, in addition to your current speed and the warnings from the driver assistance systems.

BMW Night Vision.

Driving in the dark is now safer. The optional BMW Night Vision from BMW ConnectedDrive can see in the dark, and warns you of any hazards located outside the range of the headlights.
An infrared camera positioned behind the BMW kidney grille surveys the area up to 300 metres ahead of the vehicle. Pedestrians and cyclists are identified and highlighted on the Control Display. Three processors simultaneously calculate the movement of pedestrians and the course of the BMW M5 Saloon. In critical situations an acoustic signal and optical warnings indicate the acute hazard. In this way, the driver can recognise obstacles considerably sooner and therefore react in time.

Anti-dazzle high-beam assistant.

The anti-dazzle high-beam assistant makes night-time driving even more pleasant and safer. It provides excellent visibility in the dark without dazzling other drivers.
The system detects other road-users and selectively excludes them from the high-beam headlight distribution. Beam ranges of 400m ensure early detection of risks and improved directional tracking. The features Adaptive LED Headlights or Adaptive Headlights are required for the anti-dazzle high-beam assistant.

Camera systems.

Enjoy the view. In the BMW M5 Saloon the integrated camera systems provide improved visibility, for example at entrances and in traffic situations where visibility is difficult.
Surround View comprises the rear view camera with Top View and Side View, covering 270 degrees. The system assists you during parking or manoeuvring in tight situations, and in areas where it is difficult to see.
The Reversing Assist Camera with Top View uses three cameras in the side mirrors and at the rear to provide a perfect view of the area to the rear and side of the car. When manoeuvring into a parking space, the driver sees the car from a bird's-eye perspective, showing its exact position. This means road markings and hidden obstacles are always in view.
Side View enables improved visibility when exiting driveways or side streets.
You can switch between Reversing Assist Camera, Surround View and Side View as required. The selected view will be shown on the Control Display.

Dynamic Safety.

Dynamic Safety consists of safety components for the BMW M5 Saloon and is the BMW ConnectedDrive preventive occupant protection system.
If a critical situation arises on the road, the front safety belts are reversibly pretensioned, the electrically adjustable front passenger seat is returned to the upright position and the side windows are closed − as is the sunroof, if there is one. A critical situation would include an emergency stop made by the driver, or if the car demonstrated excessive understeer or oversteer.
In certain accident situations, maximum deceleration can be applied to your vehicle to bring it to a complete standstill. This helps reduce the likelihood of a second collision or even prevent one altogether.
The Attentiveness Assistant also monitors your behaviour for signs of fatigue. Your steering responses are analysed and the system reacts to irregular driving behaviour. A notification then appears in the Control Display, suggesting you take a break.
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