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Connectivity in the BMW M4 Coupé.

With the BMW M4 Coupé, you receive support both on the road and on the racetrack from a wide range of innovative technologies. These provide greater comfort and safety, while setting new industry standards. You can record all relevant driving information in a fraction of a second and enjoy fully networked communication. All the latest information and entertainment services can be found onboard at the highest level. Driving pleasure has never been so connected.

New interface design.

Operating the vehicle's Infotainment system is now even easier, clearer and more informative. The driver can reorder the six tiles representing navigation, media, communication, ConnectedDrive, My Vehicle and messaging. The tiles are displayed in a live view instead of a static menu view.

Recording driving pleasure: the M apps.

A BMW M4 Coupé is more than a car – it represents a challenge for drivers who wish to better themselves. This is why the BMW M Laptimer app and GoPro app were created: for the best lap times, the best accelerations and the most cherished driving memories.

BMW M Laptimer app

GoPro app


Apple CarPlay® Preparation.

Apple CarPlay® Preparation allows the wireless use of a selected iPhone® functions in the vehicle. This allows smartphone content and functions such as music, iMessages/text messages, Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging, Siri and selected third-party apps to be displayed and operated via the vehicle's user interface and via voice control.


The optional full-colour BMW Head-Up Display with M-specific functions projects all information relevant to the journey directly into the driver's field of vision. With the press of a button, the driver can switch to the M-specific display, which includes a gear indicator, the rpm as a dynamic range curve as well as shift lights indicating the optimal moment to shift.

Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging.

Enhanced Bluetooth with wireless charging includes a wireless charging dock and additional USB ports. A roof aerial connection improves mobile reception. Two mobile telephones and an audio player can be connected simultaneously via Bluetooth. Also included are: Bluetooth Office and the technical capacity for a WiFi hotspot.

BMW Connected.

BMW Connected facilitates mobility in everyday life. Information such as recommendations for the optimum departure time is available remotely via iPhone® or Apple Watch® and can be seamlessly transferred to the car.
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