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BMW EfficientDynamics in the BMW M4 Coupé.

Just like its driving dynamics, the BMW M4 Coupé leads the way when it comes to efficiency. Intelligent EfficientDynamics technologies such as Auto Start-Stop or Brake Energy Regeneration keep energy use to a minimum and play a crucial role in maintaining the car’s power and stamina. This results in not only better driving dynamics, but also a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions.


Even at high speeds, M vehicles’ driving dynamics remain stable and under control thanks to the interplay of their aerodynamic elements.
The striking front apron visually embodies the M vehicles' aerodynamics concept. On the racetrack, large air inlets ensure perfect cooling of the engine, charge air, oil and brakes, as well as cooling of the transmission oil in the M DCT. The two vertical inlets in the Aero Curtain and the M side gills with integrated Air Breather behind the wheel arches create an accelerated flow of air around the front wheels.
This buffer of air encloses the wheel arches aerodynamically, minimising turbulence and reducing air resistance. The gurney flap - a spoiler on the rear edge of the boot - further optimises the aerodynamic balance between the front and rear axle, cutting down on lift. As a whole, the precise coordination of these elements creates a perfect aerodynamic balance, making them racetrack-ready and giving them an unmistakeable M-feel.

Brake Energy Regeneration.

Every time a car’s brakes are applied, kinetic energy is generated - and until recently, this energy went unused. Brake Energy Regeneration harnesses and collects this energy, turning it into electricity, which charges the car’s battery. The intelligent energy management system means that the alternator no longer needs to run constantly, which reduces the strain on the generator. The result: reduced fuel consumption and increased performance – classic BMW EfficientDynamics.

Optimum Shift Indicator.

Optimum, perfectly-timed gear changes save fuel - particularly in urban traffic and over long distances. With the Optimum Shift Indicator, the engine’s electronics system identifies the most efficient gear, based on road conditions and engine speed. When it would be more efficient to shift into a higher or lower gear, an arrow lights up in the Info Display. The system also recognises quick acceleration and will delay its recommendation accordingly until the engine speed is up. BMW internal comparative tests have shown that vehicles with the Optimum Shift Indicator use around four percent less fuel.

Auto Start-Stop.

Auto Start-Stop switches the engine off when the vehicle comes to a temporary standstill (e.g. at traffic lights or in a traffic jam) to reduce fuel consumption. When the driver presses down on the clutch (manual transmission) or takes their foot off the brake (M DCT), the engine automatically starts up again in a fraction of a second.
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