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BMW ConnectedDrive Drive Assist systems in the BMW M2 Coupé.

In an M vehicle, the focus is on one thing: pure driving pleasure. Everything else can be delegated. Intelligent systems such as Driving Assistant and its Lane Departure Warning identify possible risks, while the BMW Professional Navigation System helps you find your way effortlessly. With its perfect illumination, High-beam Assistant provides additional safety and the Reversing Assist camera makes parking and manoeuvring even easier.

Driving Assistant.

The Driving Assistant package spots danger before it’s too late. Lane Departure Warning, for example, detects lane markings and alerts the driver of an unintentional lane change (for example when the indicator has not been activated) at speeds above approx. 45 mph.
Additionally, If a vehicle ahead brakes suddenly, the City Collision Mitigation proactively engages – flashing a symbol at first, before emitting a warning sound and finally lightly applying the brakes (when travelling at speeds under 35 mph).
Preventive Pedestrian Protection operates in a similar way, warning of a potential collision with a pedestrian in urban driving situations up to 35 mph by emitting a warning and pre-conditioning the brakes for a faster response. In the event of an emergency, the system applies the brakes. (The identification of pedestrians and cyclists is only active in daylight).


The Professional Navigation System features a sleek design and a superior range of services: The easy to use navigation system is perfectly integrated into the iDrive Touch Controller and the iDrive operating concept.
The system has a hands-free facility with USB interface and voice control, BMW Professional radio with DVD drive, as well as a 20 GB memory for audio files. It also facilitates the use of Real Time Traffic Information (RTTI).  The built-in 8.8-inch LCD colour display with split-screen function guarantees optimal readability and clarity.

iDrive Touch Controller

Map updates

BMW Selective Beam.

With BMW High-beam Assistant, driving at night is safer and more comfortable. It provides excellent visibility in the dark without dazzling other drivers by automatically dipping the main beam when it detects vehicles approaching ahead.

Reversing Assist camera.

The Reversing Assist camera allows you to view the area behind the car in the Control Display while manoeuvring and parking.
The guidelines and coloured obstacle markings that appear in the Control Display show whether the selected parking spot is big enough to accommodate the car. When the steering wheel is at full lock, the system displays red turning circle lines and green guide lines that adapt to the steering wheel movements.
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