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Driver assistance systems in the BMW 5 Series.

Our driver assistance systems give you innovative and clever support, and set the standard in automotive safety and comfort.

Head-up Display.

Full colour BMW Head-up Display projects information such as current speed, navigation notifications and entertainment information directly onto the windscreen, in your line of sight. Day and night settings plus the ability to edit what’s displayed allows you to focus fully on the road ahead.

iDrive Touch Controller.

The iDrive Touch Controller lets you control the iDrive system with just one hand. Use the integrated touchpad to easily enter destinations and other key information into the navigation system.

BMW Night Vision with Dynamic Light Spot.

BMW Night Vision with Dynamic Light Spot detects people and large animals at long distances - and selectively illuminates them. This works through a thermal image camera located discreetly in the radiator grille. With a range of up to 300 metres it relays images of the road ahead directly onto the Control Display, giving you and the pedestrian or animal in front a highly effective warning of each other’s presence.

High-beam Assistant.

BMW High-beam Assistant - it requires Adaptive LED Headlights or Adaptive Headlights - illuminates the road at night with high-beam headlights. An image sensor monitors oncoming traffic, automatically shaping the high-beam light without dazzling other road users.
As the driver, you get the benefit of the power and range of a permanently activated high-beam, spotting hazards earlier and minimising fatigue during night driving. 

Park Assist.

Park Assist makes parallel parking effortless, helping you to both find and manoeuvre into a parking space. First, ultrasound sensors show you potential parallel parking spaces. Having chosen the space you want, simply activate the turn indicator, keep the Park Assist switch pressed down, and it will actively help you park.

Camera systems.

Our sophisticated camera technology allows you to manoeuvre your BMW safely into the smallest of spaces. Park Distance Control and Surround-view Reversing Assist cameras keep you fully in control when parking and when you’re at road exits.

Dynamic Safety.

In critical situations such as severe braking, BMW’s Dynamic Safety system pretensions the front belts and closes the side windows and the sunroof, if one is fitted. To avoid such situations in the first place, the Attentiveness Assistant monitors your behaviour for signs of fatigue. Irregular driving behaviour prompts a notification to appear in the control panel, suggesting you take a break.
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