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Comfort in the BMW 5 Series.

Comfort at every corner. Relaxation along every route. The BMW 5 Series is built to make sure on every road, you’re sitting comfortably.

Comfort Access.

When you have your hands full, the last thing you want to do is search through your bags for your car key. And you don’t have to, thanks to the innovative Comfort Access system.
To open the luggage compartment, all it takes is a brief, precise foot movement under the rear bumper. Sensors recognise the movement, unlocking and swinging the boot open. Access is only granted when the system also detects the presence of an authorised car key.

The Ultimate performance.


Multi-functional instrument panel.

The multi-functional instrument panel display features Black Panel Technology and a 10.2" screen for an impressive visual presentation of the car’s status. Three different driving modes - Comfort, ECO PRO and Sport mode – along with their specific features, can be displayed in the instrument cluster. 

Professional rear-seat entertainment.

With BMW’s rear seat entertainment, your passengers can relax and enjoy their favourite music, movies and TV shows on the move. The system includes two 9.2” inch adjustable screens and a DVD player. Access the internet and connect to a series of devices including MP3 player, games consoles and headphones, the latter wirelessly.

BMW Service Inclusive.

For a set period or mileage, BMW Service Inclusive will cover all the services your BMW requires, as often as needed, wherever you are in the world.
The service includes: engine oil service including top-up quantities, microfilter, fuel filter, air filter and spark plug service, change of brake fluid, automobile check and other services as per service record.
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