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Driving dynamics in the BMW 4 Series.

The BMW 4 Series delivers maximum performance and optimum comfort, whatever road you’re on. A range of technologies and sophisticated engineering techniques has created a car that's beautiful on the eye, luxurious in feel and dynamic to drive.

Perfectly tuned. To you.

On every journey, on every surface, in all conditions, the BMW 4 Series offers outstanding driving dynamics by tailoring every detail to the driver. Every knob and switch intuitively positioned, all the instruments located where they’re just a glance away. See how this translates into the BMW 4 Series’ outstanding driving dynamics.

Feel how securely the car grips the road.

The Adaptive M Sport suspension makes the 4 Series sensational to drive.
Electronically controlled dampers adjust to your driving style and the road conditions, so that when moving, car and driver come together in unison to make driving on every surface a complete pleasure.

For ultimate heart revs,
just press the button.

Experience in an instant how the performance of the 4 Series
changes with your driving style, how the vehicle reacts more
directly and becomes more agile. Feel in a moment how the
engine response changes. It’s pure adrenaline.

Drive how you want to.

We believe a car should be able to adapt to every driver. Our Drive Performance Control puts you in total control. Choose between Comfort mode, ECO PRO mode, or Sport mode for a driving experience that reflects your mood.

A symphony in metal.

The engine of the BMW 4 Series has been specially developed by sound designers to create a noise that will set your pulse racing.

Shift effortlessly through all eight gears.

N.B. BMW 435i Sport model shown above not available in the UK.
Eight speed automatic transmission is optional on the BMW 4 Series. Fine spacing between all eight gears allows the 4 Series to reduce fuel consumption and enables optimum power delivery. You’ll notice how the smoothness of transition makes the 4 Series feel effortless and dynamic on every surface.
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