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Every component that drives the new BMW 3 Series Saloon is focussed on performance and efficiency, so it offers a truly dynamic driving experience whilst keeping emissions and fuel consumption down.
Each model features petrol or diesel BMW TwinPower Turbo engines in four or six cylinder configurations, which guarantee the kind of performance and power you would expect from much larger engines. Plus, as each of these engines have been fine tuned to minimise friction and reduce thermal losses, efficiency is greatly increased to get more out of every litre of fuel.
The eight-speed Steptronic transmission is another key feature, ensuring incredibly soft gear changes, reduced noise at high speeds and significantly reduced fuel consumption (the optional Sport automatic transmission further increases the agility of the gear changes).
To make the experience in the cockpit even more enjoyable, all driving styles are catered for with Drive Performance Control. It provides the driver with three modes to choose from: Comfort, Sport and ECO PRO. Each offers various levels of dynamics and efficiency and gives the person behind the wheel greater flexibility in their driving style.
It’s not just the components inside the chassis that have changed in this latest generation, the chassis itself has been completely revamped. In addition, steering precision has been improved, rolling movements reduced and directional stability optimised, offering excellent roadholding, perfect handling and outstanding agility in all conditions.
The new BMW 3 Series has been setting new standards of driving dynamics for generations. And the legacy continues.
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