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BMW ConnectedDrive Services & Apps in the
BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.

Communication, information and entertainment: Experience mobility in a completely new way with Services & Apps from BMW ConnectedDrive.

ConnectedDrive Services.

ConnectedDrive Services provides the driver with a wide range of information, entertainment and service features on the road.
These include BMW Online, which gives access to current, localised information such as weather and news, as well as online search, mobile office functions, webcams, parking information, travel and hotel information. This option also includes convenient, secure and unlimited access to smartphone apps like BMW Connected. 


How the BMW Emergency Call works.
How the BMW Emergency Call works.
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BMW Emergency Call offers fast, targeted assistance in the driver's native language, round-the-clock – even when abroad. If a serious accident occurs, activating an air bag or the belt tensioners, an intelligent emergency call is automatically issued. Relevant details such as the exact position of the car, the severity of the accident and the possible risk of injury to passengers are transmitted to the BMW Call Centre via the car’s built-in SIM card – independent of a mobile phone. The BMW Call Centre will inform the nearest rescue centre and provide assistance over the phone until the relevant services arrive. The emergency call can also be triggered manually, when others on the road require help.

BMW TeleServices.

BMW TeleServices intelligently connects the driver, vehicle and BMW. Your preferred BMW Service partner can access the data and prepare everything required for your next service. For example, ordering any necessary replacement parts in advance of when you need them. Your BMW Service partner can contact you when your car is due for a service. This allows you to concentrate on what's most important: sheer driving pleasure.

Information Plus.

Information Plus from BMW ConnectedDrive mean that at the touch of a button, BMW agents are available as "personal assistants" for the driver on the road.
Whether you’re looking for a restaurant, the nearest cash machine or a hotel– a specially trained agent is there to help. Address details and directions can be sent directly to the navigation system. Information Plus operates independently of the driver's mobile phone and is available at home and abroad round the clock, seven days a week, at no extra cost.

Music Entertainment.

There’s so much to experience in your BMW while on the road. The right soundtrack can turn every trip into an adventure – so you’ll find music apps for a song for every situation. Whether you’re going to work, shopping or on holiday, ConnectedDrive Services allows you to compile your own radio station, choose from a wide range of audio books or stream your own music – straight to your BMW.
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