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BMW ConnectedDrive Driver Assistance systems in the
BMW 2 Series Active Tourer.

Numerous innovative technologies support you and guarantee the highest level of comfort and safety. So you can focus on important things – carefree driving pleasure.


The full-colour BMW Head-up Display projects driving information on to a screen directly in the driver’s line of sight, making it much easier to view. Depending on the car's equipment, this can include route and entertainment information, as well as warnings from the driver assistance systems.
The symbols, projected onto a retractable panel above the main dials, are depicted in full colour so the traffic signs look realistic. The panel's slightly tinted colour increases the contrast.
The projection's brightness automatically adjusts to outside light conditions, and can be manually set to reflect individual preferences. The day and night displays also feature different designs. The driver can select which additional information to display along with the current speed and driver assistance warnings.

Navigation System Plus with iDrive Touch Controller.

The Navigation System Plus is a hub of useful functions: a navigation system with built-in 8.8" LCD colour display, radio, mp3 player and RDS dual tuner. Route guidance is provided via an arrow or map display, along with spoken instructions. The navigation system is operated intuitively via the iDrive Touch Controller with direct menu control buttons and eight functional bookmarks or – depending on the vehicle's features – via voice control.
The Navigation System Plus shows drivers the best routes through numerous European countries and in some cases even further afield. TMC technology is used for the early detection of traffic obstructions and alternative routes are calculated at rapid speed for a safe arrival at your destination.
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