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FAQs for MyBMW.

Frequently asked questions and answers about MyBMW.

If you already have access to MyBMW, please log in. You now have access to all of the MyBMW features. If you are not registered, then please register now so that you can use MyBMW.


Why should I register at MyBMW?

Where can I log in to MyBMW?

Where can I change my access details (user name and password)?

I have forgotten my password. What should I do?

My access to MyBMW has not been activated. What should I do?

MyBMW account has been blocked. What should I do?

Why am I being asked to confirm the data privacy regulations again when I log in to MyBMW? What happens if I refuse to confirm them?

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Using MyBMW

I am in the MyBMW area. What do I do next?

How can I get the most out of MyBMW account?

How can I manage MyBMW Centres?

What is a preferred BMW Centre?

What are My Messages?

What are My Routes?

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My configurations

Where can I access the configurations I have saved?

What is a favourite configuration?

How can I create a new configuration?

Can I rename My Configuration?

How can I delete configurations?

What do I do if I see the message “This configuration can no longer be built” next to one of my saved configurations?

When I try to access my configurations, I see the error message “Central error”. What should I do?

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My Vehicles

Why should I save my BMW?

Where do I find my vehicle identification number?

What do I need to remember when I sell my BMW?

What can I do if my vehicle identification number is already stored in a different account?

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BMW Exclusives

What kind of offers will I receive?

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