Quality, efficiency and innovation – the three pillars of BMW Service expertise. This is why we provide a number of servicing solutions designed to fit in with your lifestyle. From Service While You Fly, to fit in with a trip away, to BMW Fast Lane service, for when time is precious – we make the must-do, easier-to-do. All this while using only Genuine BMW Parts and the very latest in BMW servicing technologies.

BMW Service Inclusive.

Wouldn't it be good to know your servicing costs in advance? Well, that's exactly what BMW Service Inclusive provides. 
BMW service costs can comprehensively be covered by an inflation-proof, one-off, advance payment ensuring you both driving pleasure and peace of mind in one.  BMW Service Inclusive is designed to deliver inspired confidence, whichever BMW you choose to drive.
BMW Service Inclusive lasts for 5 years or 50,000 miles (whichever occurs first) and covers your vehicle's servicing requirements plus MOT Protect. In the unlikely event that your car does fail its MOT test, replacements and labour are covered on a long list of key items from electrical and lighting equipment to steering and suspension with MOT Protect.  Any issues will be addressed promptly and completely free of charge so you can land your MOT certificate with the minimum of fuss.  Valid up to and including the vehicle's 3rd MOT. Excludes AUC Service Inclusive Packs.
Alternatively you can choose BMW Service Inclusive Plus, which in addition to servicing also covers maintenance items such as brake pads, brake discs and windscreen wiper blade runners.
Prices below apply only when purchased alongside a new BMW, registered from 1st July 2013.

Service Inclusive

Service Inclusive Plus

X5 M / X6 M
X5 M / X6 M
7 Series models come with Service Inclusive (SI) as standard. Customers can opt-out and have a reduction as shown below in the retail price of the car. Customers can also choose to upgrade to Service Inclusive Plus at the cost shown below. Applicable for vehicles registered from the 1st January 2012.

Service Inclusive opt out price reductions

Service Inclusive Plus Upgrade Costs

Prices include VAT at 20.0%
6 Cyl
8 Cyl
12 Cyl
6 Cyl
8 Cyl
12 Cyl
All work covered by BMW Service Inclusive will be carried out by fully qualified BMW Trained Technicians using Genuine BMW Parts with a 2-year unlimited mileage warranty.

An extensive network of over 140 BMW Service Authorised Workshops nationwide are waiting for your call, so you can be sure that you will be able to have your vehicle attended to as soon as any work is required.

Should you sell your BMW before the expiry of the package, the remaining benefits are fully transferable to any subsequent owner. This can enhance the resale value of your car. In addition to this you will benefit from having a full service history stamped by BMW Service.

What is covered?

The table below details the service elements included in each Service Inclusive package. The contents of BMW Service Inclusive Plus are in addition to BMW Service Inclusive.

BMW Service Inclusive

-       Oil Services
-       Oil top-ups between services
-       Vehicle-check 
-       Renew air filter
-       Renew micro filter
-       Renew spark plugs
-       Renew brake fluid (at 3rd year only)
-       Renew fuel filter (diesel models only)

BMW Service Inclusive Plus

-       Renew front brake pads and discs
-       Renew rear brake pads and discs
-       Renew clutch assembly
-       Renew wiper blade rubbers

Terms and Conditions.

1. BMW Service Inclusive and Service Inclusive Plus cover the following items:

a) BMW Service Inclusive covers the cost of parts, labour and fluids for the following service items: engine oil service, engine oil top-up, brake fluid (at 3rd year only), vehicle check, air filter, micro filter, fuel filter (diesel models only) and spark plugs. These items are covered from the date of first registration for a period of 5 years or 50,000 miles (whichever occurs sooner).

b) BMW Service Inclusive Plus covers the cost of parts, labour and fluids for the following service items: engine oil service, engine oil top-up, brake fluid (at 3rd year only), vehicle check, air filter, micro filter, fuel filter (diesel models only) and spark plugs. It also covers the cost of the following maintenance items if required due to wear and tear: brake pads, brake discs, brake sensors, wiper blade rubbers (up to 2 sets within the package period) and clutch. These items are covered from the date of first registration for a period of 5 years or 50,000 miles (whichever occurs sooner).

2. Items not specifically mentioned above and items requiring replacement or repair due to excessive wear and tear or misuse are not covered by BMW Service Inclusive or BMW Service Inclusive Plus.

3. Work carried out under the BMW Service Inclusive or Service Inclusive Plus programmes will be indicated by the vehicle’s on-board computer and BMW guidelines. Work must be carried out in line with BMW service schedules and BMW repair instructions (copies of which are available on request) which may be updated or vary from time to time according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

4. If vehicles have undergone any form of unapproved aftermarket tuning or performance enhancement, any right to request services or parts under BMW Service Inclusive or BMW Service Inclusive Plus ceases with immediate effect.

5. Servicing must be carried out at a BMW Service Authorised Workshop by BMW Approved Technicians as specified in the Owner’s Manual.

6. BMW Service Inclusive and BMW Service Inclusive Plus are transferable to subsequent owners of the car but not transferable to another car.

7 Costs paid for BMW Service Inclusive and BMW Service Inclusive Plus are non refundable.

8. Where BMW Service Inclusive comes as standard with the vehicle, customers can opt-out up to the point of vehicle registration.

BMW MOT Protect Terms and Conditions

1. MOT Protect cover will rectify any technical issues described hereafter that cause the vehicle to fail its second and third MOT which will be due no later than 48 and 60 months from the date of first registration. MOT Protect is included within the Dealer Warranty for the first MOT at 48 months in Northern Ireland.

2. All items will be covered with the exception of the windscreen, wheels, tyres and items replaced as part of routine servicing (e.g. brake disks and pads) modified and/or non BMW components. The cost of the MOT test, re-test and advisories will not be covered neither will failure as a result of neglect or adjustments and damage resulting from impact or accident, or faulty repair of any item be covered. Vehicles used for competitions, racing, pace making, or rallies are excluded.

3. The MOT repair work has to be carried out by a BMW Authorised Dealer / Workshop within 30 days of the MOT inspection failure.

4. The vehicle must have a complete service history according to Manufacturer’s criteria.

BMW Value Service and M Value Service.

Think we're expensive? Think again.

BMW Value Service and M Value Service are programmes of all-inclusive and highly competitive prices for selected BMW 3 Series, 5 Series and X5 models.  All work is carried out by BMW Trained Technicians using BMW Approved Consumables and Genuine BMW Parts, which come with a two-year dealer warranty.  You will also benefit from a complimentary wash and vac as part of the service.  The result? Outstanding quality and complete peace of mind at a remarkably competitive price.
For more information select your model from the list below:

BMW 3 Series (2000-2006)

BMW 5 Series (1995-2003)

BMW 5 Series (from 2003)

BMW X5 (1999 - 2006)

BMW M3 (2001-2006)

BMW M5 (1999-2003)


BMW Fast Lane Service.

With BMW Fast Lane Service we can complete a wide range of service and maintenance tasks within 90 minutes, while you wait.  So your BMW can be back where it belongs - on the road - as soon as possible.

First Class Hospitality.

While you are with us, you can choose to:
  • Make your short stay productive thanks to our free Wi-Fi access.
  • Browse our range of Genuine BMW Accessories and Lifestyle products or even test drive a new BMW.
  • Simply sit back in comfort with a cup of tea or coffee and enjoy our customer lounge.

Whatever your preference, with BMW Fast Lane Service our attentive staff will help you make the very most of your time with us - as short as it may be.

Fast Lane Process


Service While You Fly.

To make life easier for high-flying BMW drivers, we're pleased to offer 'Service While You Fly'.
Just bring your BMW to one of our participating dealerships next time you fly from one of their surrounding airports to experience the benefits. Whether it's just a two-night business trip, or a fortnight's holiday, our BMW Trained Technicians will carry out any work your vehicle may need from servicing to cosmetic repairs, to ensure it's ready and waiting for you on your return in peak condition. As well as saving both time and money on car parking fees, we will make sure that you will be greeted with your BMW as soon as you leave the airport - whatever time your flight lands.
Please select your airport below to begin your service experience.

Dealers operating from London Heathrow airport.

Dealers operating from Birmingham airport.

Dealers operating from Manchester airport.

Dealers operating from London Gatwick airport.

Dealers operating from Edinburgh airport.

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