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Your BMW has been designed to need minimum maintenance. But in order to maintain its dynamic performance, protect its warranty and enhance its resale value, it is important to maintain your BMW in line with the manufacturer's recommendations. At a BMW Centre, all maintenance work is carried out by BMW Trained Technicians following strict BMW procedures and only using Genuine BMW Parts.

BMW TeleServices.

BMW TeleServices offer a range of features that provide support when your BMW requires maintenance or servicing. Benefit from the convenience of being able to contact our Roadside Assistance team directly from your vehicle as well as a more streamlined servicing process  to ensure that you are back behind the wheel as swiftly as possible.

Genuine BMW Parts.

Just look for the signature on all our Genuine BMW Parts to retain your BMW’s unique form and function, inside and out.  A lot of thought and expertise goes into every one of the 20,000 components that typically make up your BMW to ensure that you receive the best quality and performance.

Quality Assured.

The Electronic Parts Catalogue from BMW.


Air Conditioning Maintenance.

The air conditioning system in your BMW works hard all year round to maintain a comfortable temperature for you and your passengers, while filtering out pollen and dust and minimising condensation. Continuous use actually helps to keep your air conditioning working more efficiently, but it should be maintained periodically as with any other vital component.

Taking Action for Cleaner Air.

Maintaining Excellence.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Options.


BMW Emergency Services.

  • BMW Emergency Service is valid on all new BMW cars purchased from an Authorised BMW Centre within the UK for a period of three years from the original date of vehicle registration with no mileage limitation.
  • BMW Emergency Service is valid on all Approved Used BMW cars for 12 months from the day of purchase.
  • BMW Emergency Service has been designed to provide assistance for motoring emergencies and includes a comprehensive range of benefits, including car hire, roadside assistance, vehicle recovery and redelivery. BMW drivers also have access to an extensive network of Emergency Service centres manned 24 hours a day, every day of the year, by experienced multilingual staff.
  • BMW Emergency Service will offer all possible assistance under the terms of the agreement. If your vehicle requires repair, BMW Emergency Service will take your vehicle to an Authorised BMW Centre, Approved Bodyshop or a BMW Service Authorised Workshop. By doing so you can be assured that only Genuine BMW Parts and materials will be used and fitted by fully trained BMW technicians.
  • If you are in any doubt as to whether you require assistance, or that your BMW Emergency Service cover is valid, please telephone BMW Customer Information Service on: 0800 325600 (calls are free of charge plus your phone company's access charge).
  • Do not make your own arrangements without first contacting BMW Customer Information Service or BMW Emergency Service.
  • For further information regarding the additional benefits of BMW Emergency Service, please contact your local or preferred Authorised BMW Centre or telephone BMW Customer Information Service.
  • To ensure minimum delay, please have the following information available; your name and location, a telephone number where you can be contacted, registration number or BMW Emergency Service Policy Number, the colour of the car and details of what has happened.


If your BMW is over three years old, it now requires an annual MOT inspection. It's a standard inspection of over 150 safety-related and emission systems, including lights, steering, brakes and suspension. And thanks to BMW's engineering standards, passing should be a formality. But there's always a chance that something could have been damaged without you realising it.
The official MOT test is a useful annual safety check - and your local BMW Centre are the ideal people to take care of the test and any repair work. They have specialised BMW training and only use Genuine BMW Parts to replace like-for-like, if necessary. Once your vehicle has been tested you will receive the official VT20 certificate which is your receipt for the MOT test and shows the information that will be held on the MOT database. If your vehicle should require any recommended additional work this will be listed on the advisory notice of the VT32 document.

Save yourself time and trouble.

Book your BMW for its annual MOT with one of our Centres and they'll take care of everything. Before submitting it for the test they'll check it over - and they can pre-warn you of any potential problem, such as tyres nearing their legal limit. Search for your nearest BMW Service Authorised Workshop using the locator provided for contact details and quotations. MOT facilities are provided either in-house or by using a local approved MOT testing station, your BMW Centre will be able to provide full details.
If you would like further details about the official MOT test these can be found on the VOSA

MOT Protect.

If your BMW´s first MOT is on the horizon, complimentary BMW MOT Protect will help you cruise through it without a care in the world. In the unlikely event that your car does fail its MOT test, you won´t have to lose out as repairs, replacements and labour are covered on a long list of key items from electrical and lighting equipment to steering and suspension. Any issues will be addressed promptly and completely free of charge so you can pass your MOT test with the minimum of fuss.
MOT Protect cover will rectify any technical issues described hereafter that cause the vehicle to fail its first MOT which will be due no later than 36 months from the date of first registration.
MOT Protect will cover all items with the exception of the windscreen, wheels, tyres and items replaced as part of routine servicing (e.g. brake disks and pads) modified and/or non BMW components.  The cost of the MOT test, re-test and advisories will not be covered neither will failure as a result of neglect or adjustments and damage resulting from impact or accident, or faulty repair of any item be covered.  Vehicles used for competitions, racing, pace making, or rallies are excluded.
The MOT repair work has to be carried out by a BMW Authorised Dealer / Workshop within 30 days of the MOT inspection failure. The vehicle must have a complete service history according to Manufacturer’s criteria.
If your BMW is approaching its first MOT, book your test with your local BMW Centre to take full advantage of BMW MOT Protect.

BMW Valet.

Naturally you're proud of your BMW's appearance. But keeping it looking good isn't just a matter of aesthetics; thorough valet servicing will help protect paintwork, trim and upholstery thus enhancing the resale value of your BMW. Meanwhile, you'll have the pleasure of owning a car that looks as good as the day it left the showroom.
Using Genuine BMW Car Care Products specialist valet technicians will gently remove dirt and grime before sealing in a long-lasting shine.
With BMW Valet Service, the interior receives equal attention to detail, being thoroughly prepared before specially formulated cleaners and polishes are applied. As a result the interior looks showroom-fresh for longer.
To book a Valet Service, please contact your BMW Service Authorised Workshop, or request a service.

BMW Approved Tyres.

BMW Winter Tyres
BMW Winter Tyres
Tyres with the BMW star marking are specially developed and tested by BMW in collaboration with leading tyre manufacturers. For this reason they have specific design features and benefits that are very different from those offered by independent tyre retailers, even though the products might look similar or bear identical type designations.
The contact surface of a tyre – where the vehicle connects with the road – is barely larger than an open hand. Braking force, engine power and driving dynamics all have to be reliably transferred through this small area. Precise harmonisation of wheels, tyres and chassis components is essential. They are also precisely matched with specific chassis components and electronic regulation systems. In this way, dynamic performance, comfort and safety are combined to provide the characteristic BMW driving experience.
Your local BMW Centre will stock a wide range of BMW Approved tyres with same day access to further stock ensuring you receive the very best service when replacing your tyres.

BMW Run-flat Tyres.

Tyre Maintenance.

The tyres on your BMW are the only contact your vehicle has with the road so continued maintenance is crucial. Regular inspection of the tyre pressure, tread depth and general condition are essential. For further details, please consult your vehicle handbook or contact your local BMW Centre.

EU Tyre label explanation


EU6 Regulations - AdBlue.

Guiding you through important EU regulations.

A new environmentally-friendly EU regulation has been introduced to significantly reduce the nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions from diesel engines. This will lead to changes throughout the automotive industry but the good news is BMW is well ahead of the game.
Certain models already come with a NOx Storage Catalyst that absorbs nitrogen oxide. But, as this catalyst can only be fitted to some vehicles, an alternative system of Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) is required by all other diesel cars.
The AdBlue® solution.
This system uses a special reducing agent called AdBlue®, which neutralises much of the NOx before it passes into the air. This may well be the first you’ve heard of AdBlue®, but please don’t be concerned. This system will become increasingly common within the BMW range over the next five years, and AdBlue® will soon become a household name. 

Where does the AdBlue® go?

How often does AdBlue® need to be topped up?

What happens if AdBlue® ever runs out?

Which cars are fitted with this technology?


Symbols explained.

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