USB/iPod interface

The USB/iPod interface allows the connection of all Apple iPods with a docking connector and all Apple iPhones to the onboard network. Music in the iPod is played back via the audio system while the iPod is simultaneously charged. Your entire iPod music collection is always available by genre, artist, album or playlist. Alongside these devices, the USB/iPod interface also allows the connection of USB sticks and other suitable MP3 players for audio playback. The radio or multifunction steering wheel enable direct operation. All lists, songs or artists are shown in the radio display.

from  £ 269.00 [1]

Installation time: 2 h
Available for:  BMW 3 Series Saloon (from 2008), BMW 3 Series Touring (from 2008), BMW 3 Series Coupé (from 2007), BMW 3 Series Convertible (from 2010)

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[1] Please note that the information provided is not binding. All prices include VAT but exclude painting and fitment. Depending on specification of your BMW, installation times may vary and additional parts may be required. Detailed information is available from you local BMW Dealer.